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I’ve spent enough time working in politics to know the value of coalitions. Assembling and working with a collection of interest groups sharing common goals is an effective way to demonstrate support of and consensus for any particular policy position. This voluntary association which defines coalitions demonstrates unity of purpose and it can be really powerful. 


So what does it say about a group’s common goals and unity of purpose when its coalition includes Satan? It’s a fair question now that we’ve had a look at which companies Target stores have teamed up with to promote the discount retailer’s PRIDE collection of clothing and accessories.

Target now sells items from the London-based company Abprallen, which has established a niche for itself in the Satan-themed products retail sector. While Target is not selling Abprallen’s Satan stuff in its stores, the partnership provides a glimpse into the composition of the coalition supporting and promoting transgender ideology. This is not speculation or hyperbole.  When someone says about transgenderism, “Satan loves you and respects who you are,” as the British company did on Instagram, it’s pretty unambiguous. 

Take a moment to unpack this: You’re part of a movement with a defined goal. You want to widely promote it and generate support for it, so you gather together as many like minded people and organizations as possible. Apparently, someone involved with the transgender movement thinks adding Satan to the coalition is a good idea. Absurd as this sounds, I can understand the practical application of doing so. 


The social contagion of transgenderism mostly involves younger people so its recruits are primarily adolescents, who are at a stage of life almost universally defined by rebellion. If a movement wishes to deceive youngsters into believing something that is patently false and supported by nothing in genetics, anatomy, physiology or endocrinology, appealing to adolescent rebellion is a good way to do that. After all, what is more rebellious than Satan? 

There is a tactical purpose to including Satan in this coalition, but there’s also a strategic aspect to it. For most people, their introduction to Satan comes from the book of Genesis and the episode in which the Devil tempts Eve into committing original sin. The shorthand version is that the snake convinced Eve to disobey God by eating an apple. But there was much more to Satan’s temptation than simply enticing Eve to be disobedient. 

Adam and Eve were allowed to eat anything they wanted in the Garden of Eden with the exception of fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. In tempting Eve, Satan said to her, “God knows that when you eat of it, your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God.” It worked. When confronted about this by God, Eve explained, “The serpent deceived me, and I ate.”


That is the strategic goal of the larger totalitarian movement of which transgender ideology is a prime component - deceiving people into believing they can become like God. The best way to destroy God is to make everyone think they can be God. Marxism and every variant of it hates God. People believing in Him have faced persecution and death for more than a century in communist regimes, which do this because God competes with the state for the loyalty of the people, and this is not to be tolerated. 

Transgender ideology is a powerful means of deceiving people into believing they can be like God. Few things are more godlike than deciding to change one’s sex by declaration. Humanity is made in the image of God so destroying that truth on a personal whim represents enormous individual power while defying scripture. For the militant Left, it’s a win-win. 

If a movement wants to engage in widespread, unspeakable deceit, and seeks to assemble a group of people and organizations to achieve that, it makes perfect sense to invite Satan into its coalition. This is precisely what we are seeing right now.  

We’re witnessing an astonishing level of evil today. To have Satan in a coalition speaks volumes about it but that evil is exponentially amplified when it aims for children. Exploiting confused youngsters to lure them into transgender ideology, and then emotionally blackmailing their parents into going along with the lie, is the most despicable degeneracy of our time. 


People have recently been pushing back against this movement and the pushback can work. The Marxist-oriented Black Lives Matter Global Network is hurtling toward bankruptcy so it’s not like totalitarian movements are unstoppable. If we try hard enough, we can relegate transgender ideology to the ash heap of history too. 


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