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It was recently revealed that Dr. Anthony Fauci was privately saying in emails that the SARS-CoV-2 may have resulted from a lab leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. At the same time, Big Tech was deleting posts and manipulating search results that raised the same questions. Hence, what else are scientists currently saying about the pandemic and possible vaccine side effects that Facebook may not want you to hear?


When Project Veritas broke the news on May 24, 2021, of two Facebook whistleblowers who revealed an extensive program to combat so-called “vaccine hesitancy” by censoring accurate information if it tended to make people question the COVID-19 vaccines developed at “warp speed,” we weren’t surprised.

The Big Tech consortium has long engaged in a program of deception against the American public, sold through the mainstream media as a campaign against “hate speech,” but which in reality is nothing less than an authoritarian campaign against diversity of thought.

As a Project Veritas whistleblower from Facebook, I have intimate knowledge of how Facebook distorts and twists news to its 3 billion users. I was hired as a content moderator by Cognizant in Arizona in 2018, where my job was to review posts supplied by Facebook for possible deletion under its “community standards” policy.

The slide into corruption can be a gentle one, but the signs were clear for independently-minded individuals and me. When Cognizant hired me, my job was to monitor the Latin American region to keep it free from horrifying pictures posted by the drug cartels to terrorize local populations and maintain the platform free from pornographic images.

But as time passed, Facebook was less interested in drug cartels and pornographers and focused on censoring conservative users. Based on a corporate progressive double standard, Facebook’s policy mandated removing posts that called Gay Pride month “filth.” While simultaneously granting an exception to those who called straight, white males “filth” for not subscribing to far-left positions held by the LGBTQ community.


Similarly, Don Lemon of CNN was allowed to engage in blatant reverse racism by calling white males the biggest terror threat in our country. Facebook’s standards did not allow for any blanket statements against an ethnic or gender group but made an exception for Mr. Lemon.

It can be daunting to consider the thought process of a global conglomerate like Facebook and Google. But it’s vital to contemplate their effect on our democracy.

A few lessons from my investigation into the social media behemoth provide insight behind the mask of Facebook. First, Facebook’s increasing censorship starts with its executives wanting to bring about what they believe to be a positive societal change without regard for the enormous damage it causes to freedom and liberty.

Second, the continuous hewing to shape a new republic starts secretly and subtly. There’s often talk of “mission creep in military engagements,” which requires going into a country for one specific purpose, only to be drawn into a giant quagmire.

While most people do not find it objectionable that Facebook’s executives have strong political leanings, they are concerned that Facebook’s approach to convincing the public of their opinions is to censor dissenting views. Free speech acts as a pressure valve to the passions of public opinion. Repressive actions against the constitutional right of free speech inevitably procure and proliferates rebellion.

With the revelations of other brave whistleblowers, like Zach Vorhies, we have learned that the search behemoth Google seeks to shape the narrative and establish a “single point of truth” across all its platforms. This type of controlled action only occurs in communist countries, which should be overwhelmingly alarming.


Yet, the health of society depends on our ability to dissent and to question. Unfortunately, the Big Tech giants are executing a one-two punch to manipulate opinions in the news and social media threads while censoring those who deviate from their anointed narrative and “single point of truth.”


Ryan Hartwig is the coauthor of Behind the Mask of Facebook: A Whistleblower’s Shocking Story of Big Tech Bias and Censorship. He is also thefounder of The Hartwig Foundation for Free Speech. 

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