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Sorry, Raphael Warnock. You Cannot Serve God and Planned Parenthood.

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Tired of fake Christian Pastors? So am I. I’m particularly put off by those who run for office in the U.S. Congress dressed in sheep’s clothing but are really just wolves. 

It’s almost comical when those who regularly spew disdain toward people of faith (more specifically, people of Christian faith) fully embrace so-called Christian pastors who tout an anti-biblical worldview. 

“I am a pro-choice pastor,” U.S. Senate candidate Warnock (D-GA) proclaimed on Twitter. It’s just one of many unbiblical positions the pastor of the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church has expressed to the voting public. 

Funny thing about pastors. They’re supposed to believe, speak and live the truth. Anyone who masks evil in a euphemism isn’t doing any of those three. What about pro-slavery ministers in the 1800s? Would it fly for them to say “I’m a pro-jobs pastor” as they advocated for the systemic devaluing of and violence against human beings deemed less than human?

Pro-abortion Warnock is no different. He won’t speak, in honest terms, of the unbiblical evil he proudly supports but stands with those who systemically devalue and commit violence against human beings deemed less than human.

Same wrongs. Different century.

Warnock proclaimed in one of his sermons that one “cannot serve God and the military” yet has no problem serving—and I use that term very loosely—God and Planned Parenthood. 


What a stark contrast. In the military, you’re willing to give up your life to defend and benefit someone else. At Planned Parenthood, you’re conned into giving up someone else’s life to defend and benefit Big Abortion’s profit. A Tesla-driving Pastor who makes over $330k per year knows a little bit about exploiting for profit. 

For someone who claimed in a televised debate “I have worked my whole life to pull people together,” his tweets and sermons certainly don’t show it. 

Warnock, running against pro-life conservative Senator Kelly Loeffler, is Planned Parenthood’s endorsed candidate. Their political arm, Planned Parenthood Votes (funded heavily by the abortion federation itself, of course) poured $376,986 into his election campaign. That’s the amount that Planned Parenthood earns by killing 754 human beings (with an average cost of $500 per abortion). The abortion biz kills nearly 1,000 unborn children every day, so it’s literally all in a day’s work.

And in return, Reverend Warnock will “always fight for [euphemism alert] reproductive justice.” He told WGAU Radio that “abortion is healthcare.” Sure. And slavery was jobcare. 

One of his colleagues, Rev. Timothy McDonald, played the victim card recently claiming that accurate descriptions of Warnock’s words and positions were “an attack on the Black Church.” 

No. They’re not. First of all, there should never be the category of “Black Church” or “White Church” or any color-specific church. Galatians 3:28 clearly states we’re all One in Christ Jesus. Pastors should know this. Secondly, pro-abortion McDonald is yet another “minister” who has little use for Biblical truths. He served as a Board Member of Planned Parenthood for years and was featured in the abortion chain’s ridiculous crockumentary called “A Vital Service” which promoted abortion in the black community. The infomercial attacked The Radiance Foundation’s successful ad campaigns exposing the fact that Planned Parenthood is the leading killer of black lives. Thirdly, both men pastor in the state of Georgia where 63 percent of the state’s 30,656 abortions are on black babies. Sixty-three percent! They both drone on and on about “white supremacy” while standing in solidarity with the organization that embodies it. 


But why stop at radically advocating for the destruction of innocent human lives made in the image of God? Warnock also takes pride in embracing LGBT activism’s total denial of the Creator’s biological design for humankind. “I’m a pro-LGBTQ pastor who understands that no one is free until we are all free,” he tweeted along with his endorsement by the Human Rights Campaign—a radical LGBTQ organization that wants to erase God-ordained and scientifically proven binary gender. Warnock has pledged to pass the radical Equality Act that will eviscerate our First Amendment rights in order to carve out unprecedented and unconstitutional “rights” for all things LGBTQGNC—the acronym that seems to know no end. 

So, embracing the killing of our Posterity and a movement that wants our children to embrace the harmful pseudoscience of transgenderism is freedom? Warnock clearly has his own Bible—a distorted version that offers a broken social gospel without real redemption but plenty of empty rhetoric. When he repeats the marketable hashtag “Love is Love,” he clearly prefers it to the actual Biblical truth that God is Love

Interestingly, Fannie Lou Hamer is the one he is roughly quoting about “being free." She said: “Nobody’s free until everybody’s free.” Hamer was a pro-life adoptive mom and she had no love for Planned Parenthood. She called abortion “genocide” in her 1971 speech Is It Too Late


It’s not too late for Georgians to make the right decision in this special run-off election. Life is literally in the balance. It’s one thing to accept that politicians continually say things that aren’t true and promote things that aren’t moral. It’s something very different when a pastor does it knowingly to gain worldly power.

Perhaps Reverend Raphael Warnock never read the passage from Mark 8:36: “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul?”  

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