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If there’s one thing we’ve learned so far from our nation’s reaction to COVID-19, is that human life is worth protecting…well, sometimes. Interestingly, this now seems to be a shared bipartisan mentality. I marvel at the extraordinary measures taken and money spent to keep people from harm, especially the most vulnerable, during this global #Coronavirus response. I’m amazed at all of the rhetoric about caring for people and keeping one another safe. Of course, I fully agree with the desire to protect human life and the self-sacrifice required to do that. Although, that so-called “self-sacrifice” is now government mandated.

We’re told to fear. We’re told by medical experts and mainstream media that we’re all in danger and that nothing will ever be the same again.

We’re also told that the world will end in about 11 more years due to the existential threat of “climate change” that was to be, until the coronavirus, the leading threat to humanity. Many medical “experts” can’t even get the basics of Life right. Look at the American Medical Association and its extremist abortion activism. Look at the pro-abortion American Academy of Pediatrics which denies the basic biological facts of binary gender.

I’m a firm believer in trust, if verified.

Politicians and activists keep demanding we keep this apolitical while making it insanely political. Just as the Democrats tried to force funding for Planned Parenthood with the $1.9 billion Zika Virus funding, Speaker Pelosi recently tried to circumvent the pro-life Hyde Amendment with coronavirus funding. #TrumpPandemic is, of course, trending on Twitter (the vast wasteland of what could’ve been a platform for free speech). Our nation’s great sage, Alyssa Milano, wonders if Trump’s admittedly garbled and contradictory responses to the virus outbreak are “an impeachable offense.” The New York Times even declared: “Let’s Call it the TrumpVirus” last month. News pundits and political leaders on the right, like Republican Governor Mike DeWine, also went from initially being dismissive to fanning the flames of frenzy.


Remember H1N1 and how President Obama waited six long months to move on that novel virus after it had already killed 1,000 Americans? From April 2009 to April 2010, 12,469 people died in the United States from H1N1 or the “swine flu”; 61 million were infected. The Obama administration took no drastic measures. Wear a mask if you’re traveling. Wash your hands. Don’t worry, be hygienic. Yet, no one calls it ObamaFlu.

We the Sheeple have allowed ourselves to be whipped up into a panic over the coronavirus. As a Christian, I'm called to not have a Spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. In a day and age where everything is politicized, we can’t allow ourselves to be so easily manipulated by systems that have no love for the truth. The duplicitous rhetoric we hear about human worth cannot distract us from wanting to know and understand what is really going on. Panic is always dependence on the wrong source.

On the Radiance Foundation’s social media outlets, we’re constantly being challenged with the words “Well, if you’re really pro-life, you would want to do whatever is necessary to save other lives from the coronavirus.” First of all, “pro-life” is a term diluted to the point of near meaninglessness by those who aren’t actually pro-life. As an actual pro-lifer and a factivist, I want to bring clarity and context to issues. According to Italy’s Higher Institute of Health, the average age of those who die from the coronavirus is 80 years. Their socialized healthcare system is not comparable to ours, which is why an extensive study rated it 45 out of 100 for a “well-developed public health system” versus America’s rating of 70.1 out of 100. According to the CDC, 97 precious lives have been lost (as of 03/18/20) to COVID-19. There have been 7,028 confirmed infections in the United States since January. Since October, however, over 22,000 Americans have lost their lives from another pandemic—the flu. 22,000. Why aren’t people challenging everyone to be so “pro-life” over these tragic losses of life?


Every time I’ve compared the coronavirus to flu statistics, I’m told there’s “no comparison” by those who then compare COVID-19 to the 1918 Spanish Flu! I’m not kidding. You know, because we’re not better equipped to handle pandemics in 2020 than we were back in 1918.

I will say, though, that our nation’s response to this pandemic has shredded the Left’s favorite mantra, “My Body! My Choice!” These same activists overwhelmingly support the government’s total control over what we do and where we go with our bodies as they insist these measures are necessary to save other human lives. Well, Amen! Who would’ve thought the deception of bodily autonomy would be exposed by a virus?

Imagine, for a moment, if the Church took a coronavirus approach to protecting the most vulnerable from the completely avoidable pandemic of abortion that kills over 40,000,000 truly defenseless human beings every year around the world -- human beings who are sheltered in what should be the safest place on earth. That's over 80x the median estimate of annual deaths -- 500,000 -- from all strains of flu worldwide. Another way to see this devastation...there are an estimated 110,000+ cases of lives needlessly destroyed by the plague of abortion Imagine if the government felt what Martin Luther King Jr. called the "fierce urgency of now" to end the spread of violence against those completely powerless to stop it.

It shouldn’t take a global pandemic and panic to value every human life. When the coronavirus fades like the H1N1 and Zika scares, we’re still in a crisis of inaction. We need to ask ourselves: Are we more motivated by doomsday fear than by our daily faith to care for the least of these? 


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