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It’s always fascinating to me how people can go from a situation of brutal oppression to becoming the oppressors. Some free blacks owned slaves and profited from the slave trade. Dr. Henry Morgantaler, a survivor of the Holocaust, became the leading abortionist in Canada. And now, Dr. Leana Wen—a political refugee from the brutal communist regime of China that has killed over 336 million humans via abortion (and many forced)—becomes the president of a billion-dollar organization that kills for a living. Planned Parenthood profits from the deaths of 320,000 innocent human beings each year in the name of “equality”. 

Mainstream media is impressed that she’s the second doctor to take the blood-stained reins at Planned Parenthood. America’s most misreported abortion chain hasn’t been led by a medical professional for 44 years. I would’ve thought that would be a criticism, considering the organization touts itself as the leader in “women’s healthcare”, and, well, everything else.

Planned Parenthood has made virtue-signaling a tragic art form. Though they do nothing about the majority of the issues they inject themselves into (terrorism, school shootings, incarceration rates, poverty, sexual assault, illegal immigration, infant mortality), they take immense pride in branding themselves as a philanthropic advocacy organization. Planned propagandists never question even the strangest of circumstances. The new leader of the far-left organization is no different. She proves that pro-abortion doctors—just like any other pro-abortion activist—have no problem aborting the truth.


For instance, during Dr. Wen’s role as the self-described “Doctor for the City” of Baltimore (starting in 2015), how could she possibly explain why her department partnered with Planned Parenthood of Maryland (PPM) in an initiative for healthier mothers and babies called B’more for Healthy Babies. Planned Parenthood of Maryland provides no prenatal or pediatric care. Why in the world would they be a partner in an alleged medical initiative to keep babies alive? All PPM and most Planned Parenthood centers around the country do is kill babies. There’s not a single mention of ‘mother’, ‘mom’, ‘parent’ or baby in PPM’s latest (2016) annual report. Of course, following pro-abortion “logic”, not a single pregnancy center was listed as a partner in the B’more for Healthy Babies program.

It makes as much sense to partner with Planned Parenthood in a health initiative to reduce infant mortality than it does to partner with Big Tobacco to reduce smoking-related deaths. 

I wonder if Dr. Wen, who created this “Total Transparency Manifesto”, will employ this at the abortion giant when it comes to the truth about abortion’s physiological and emotional impact on women. So much #fakehealth, so little time. 

In Dr. Wen’s much-celebrated introduction video, she touted being an immigrant (her family emigrated legally).  So are millions of others, including one of my sisters, in this beautifully diverse tapestry that is America. Interestingly, though, her sister—Angela Penelope Wen—was born here and would never have existed under China’s One Child Policy where gendercide is epidemic. 


Dr. Wen went on to claim that her family relied on Medicaid. Interestingly, she never mentions this on her now-removed (but archived) personal blog, In fact, just a year ago, she never mentioned this in her Baltimore Sun Op-Ed, but did express how much the Church and other kind neighbors helped her family survive: “Other neighbors invited us for meals. Members of the church lent us coats and blankets in the harsh winters. Life was hard, but every day, we were so grateful to be alive and to have the opportunity to pursue a better future.”

Yes. It is a great thing to be alive and to have the opportunity to pursue a future. What irony.

The emergency room physician had to solidify her pro-abortion-can’t-go-back-to-those-mythical-hangers tripe and told a tale of watching an alleged patient die in front of her because of a “home abortion”. Wen explained the young woman was “too scared to seek medical care.” First of all, abortion is not medical care. Secondly, Dr. Wen was an attending physician at the Department of Emergency Medicine at George Washington University in D.C. where there are no restrictions on abortion. She also medically served at Massachusetts General Hospital—a small state in which there are 43 abortion-committing facilities. Just as with DC, there is absolutely no lack of access to abortion. 


The strange thing is, where was this anecdote in all of Dr. Leana Wen’s blog articles and major newspaper Op-Eds? She never mentions witnessing such a traumatic event.  On NPR, she shares the “crazy cases” of what she experienced in an urban ER, but there’s no home-hanger-story to be found. 

Being pro-abortion takes conditioning. You have to skillfully avoid the truth and make up your own “truth”. And don’t worry…mainstream media won’t fact-check you. So, whatever narrative you want to share, you’re free to lie, no matter what.

During the summer, Dr. Wen tweeted: “We must speak truth that there are entire generations of black and brown people to whom we owe an apology.” Yes! Oh, wait. She doesn’t mean apologizing for abortion being the leading killer in the black community or that Planned Parenthood kills 247 black lives every single day. She’s not that woke. 

Every human life, regardless of hue or any other characteristic, has purpose. Will our nation, one day, apologize for the tens of millions killed under the banner of “reproductive health”? Even Dr. Wen acknowledges the preciousness of her own baby’s life, posting on Facebook: “One year ago, Eli came into the world. The clichés are true—everything has changed. We love him more than anything. Happy Birthday, little one! Thank you for bringing us so much joy, wonder, and meaning.”


How I wish she felt the same for others’ babies and that we’re all stronger than our circumstances. New life does give us joy, wonder and meaning. My wife and I can’t imagine life without our four amazing children. How anyone can preside over an organization that rips beautiful possibilities apart, limb from limb, is just unfathomable to me. 


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