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AP Photo/Eric Gay

On top of worsening crime and inflation, newly released Customs and Border Protection data shows that more than 2 million illegal immigrants have been caught crossing our border over the last year. That number is historic. And it’s just a fraction of the more than 4.4 million illegal immigrants who have crossed the border since Biden came into office, including over 850,000 “gotaways” who have escaped undetected into our country. That alone should seal Democrats’ fate in November: earlier this month, Kamala Harris said the border was “secure,” confirming the Biden administration is lying to the American people.At the same time the hypocrisy of Democrats and the liberal media is on full display for voters to see. Just last week, when 50 illegal immigrants set foot in Martha’s Vineyard, rich liberals didn’t like it when Biden’s open border policies arrived at their front doorstep. It suddenly became a humanitarian crisis.


But what about the more than 53 migrants who died after being smuggled in the back of a trailer a few months ago? Back then the media tried to quickly flip the page, just like the Biden administration and Democrats are trying to do now to downplay their border crisis before the midterms. Democrats fear what Americans know: our country deserves better.

Something must change. Three times the number of terror suspects have been encountered at the border this year than the previous 5 years combined. Last month, over 2,200 pounds of deadly fentanyl were seized at the southern border – the equivalent of more than 500 million lethal doses. As a mom, that is unacceptable. Drug overdose deaths are already the leading cause of death in young Americans age 18-45, and add to that now a surge in “rainbow” fentanyl pills the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) said are part of a “deliberate effort by drug traffickers to drive addiction amongst kids and young adults.” As drugs hit schools across the country, these pills that look just like brightly colored candy have been found in at least18 states. Take it from Texas, where a mom with six kids said she sees illegal immigrants backpacking drugs into her community on a “daily basis.”


Every state is now a border state. In the middle of a crime wave that Democrat soft-on-crime policies caused, Biden’s open borders are fueling the crime wave. The DEA has found “alarming trends” between drugs and crime that are part of a larger lawlessness issue Biden and Democrats want to ignore. Back in April, a Texas rancher said he’s had to fix 172 holes put in his fence by illegal immigrants since Biden came into office. “Come take a look,” he said. But Biden has never been to the border. And in Eagle Pass, Texas, residents don’t“don’t feel safe” anymore. “We used to close our business at 9, we now close it at 7,” one woman said. Sound familiar? No one feels safer in Biden’s America – and life certainly isn’t any better than it was two years ago.

Clearly, Democrats are failing the American people. They own this border crisis completely: they control the House, the Senate, and the White House. And they’ve completely missed the mark on their priorities. Instead of voting for 18,000 more Border Patrol agents to secure our border, Democrats just voted for 87,000 more IRS agents to badger middle-class taxpayers. When it comes to spending, rather than allocate funding for a border wall, the Biden administration is spending $20.4 billion in taxpayer money a year on “benefits and services” for illegal immigrants in the U.S.


As the situation at the border deteriorates, Americans are watching closely – because whether in a border state or in the Midwest where I’m from, everyone is impacted. We are all ready for change. And Americans know that Republicans will deliver. A recent NBC poll found that on the economy, crime, and immigration, Republicans hold the largest edge over Democrats in the poll’s history. That’s because the last time Republicans were in charge, our border was secure, our Border Patrol respected, and Mexico was sending its own troops to the U.S.-Mexico border to keep things under control.

Just like President Trump got Mexico to secure its border and closed asylum loopholes, Republican leaders like House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy are ready – and prepared – to unite Republicans behind effective policies that restore safety and secure our borders. House Republicans lay these out in their“Commitment to America,” which includes ending catch-and-release loopholes, requiring proof of legal status to get a job, eliminating welfare incentives, and funding effective border enforcement. Republicans are ready to take charge because Democrats won’t.

But first, voters will hold Democrats accountable in under 42 days. Vote Republican.


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