What If I Don't?

Posted: Apr 28, 2008 12:00 AM
What If I Don't?

You have been exposed to two columns on the "magic of real estate today" and your reaction is basically non existent. You have read my feeling about the current state of affairs in the real estate arena and you are moving toward the side of what if I don't agree, don't care or don't even want to hear or think about real estate again? The answer is nothing. Plain and simple, my life will go on and so will yours. I will move on my beliefs and you won't, but you may move on some other beliefs instead that will hopefully do you some good.

I have found, however, over the years (actually decades) that usually most people will not move on anything at all. They will continue doing what they did before and are content (?) to keep doing the same thing for as long as they can. And by the way there isn't a thing wrong with doing that. It is your clock that is ticking and your future is simply your future and no one else's future.

Unfortunately I am a meddler and choose to meddle in your future and anyone else's future who will allow me to do that. So let's get into it now. Real Estate has so many utilities it is hard to know where to start First and foremost it is an inflationary hedge: actually protecting you from the ravages brought by inflation. That is for the most part. One of the myriad of reasons why real estate increases is inflation and if it ever gets going as it did in the 1970s and 1980s you will see major increases in the cost, and subsequently, the price of real estate. This isn't true of your car or your savings account and therefore should give you some anxious thoughts about what you would do if inflation continues to grow.

Failure to consider real estate tends to lock most people, not living in a major metropolitan area or one of the many other desire able areas in the country, into their location. For some this is fine, for others a pending unpleasantness at best, a disaster at worst. The disparity from a cost standpoint continues to grow, even in a bad real estate market. Have you given this any thought? Do you wish to give up alternatives at this point in your life, even if you weren't going to actively pursue them until you are much older?

Those who have been renting for years waiting until the prices have adjusted are not reacting the way they should at this time, but the way I have expected they would act. Now that prices are way down they will tell you they are going lower and they are going to wait until they hit the bottom. In the 1990s I had several clients who kept waiting for the market to crack in Southern California and eventually gave up and moved to Texas. Chalk it up to human nature. When the golden opportunity arrives most people change the equation instead of acting. Therefore they never have to worry about moving to soon and generally moving to take advantage of their dream.

My suggestion is for all who doubt what I say, or for all that really want to act and can't, go on line and get the history of real estate in their area or the area they want to consider and study what has happened. Nothing can work better than knowing what has worked in the past and trying to decide if it will work in the future. Your future is in your hands, not mine, and I beg you to get moving so you can take advantage of what has been given to you: a terrible real estate market, temporarily.

If nothing moves you to action at least take notes and record your thoughts and wait. If you have it in writing, your writing, and miss the opportunity you at least have a point of reference for the next time the stars line up and opportunity comes a knocking. Because the next time your only debate will be with yourself. And that should really be interesting.

What will you tell yourself happened? Will you say you weren't ready, because you won't be able to plead ignorance? Will you say you were too busy making a living to really make any significant money? If you think hard enough about your future discussion you may not have to have one. This could be the catalyst that gets you going!

That's all the meddling I am going to do today. The future is yours and I wish you luck!