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Threaten War to Keep Peace

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With Iran pouring in rockets, missiles and reportedly chemical warheads to Hezbollah, the chances of a blood bath between Arabs and Jews increase daily. Nevertheless, there may very well be a way of at least forestalling if not preventing such a horrific disaster.

Israel and hopefully the U.S. should publicly warn Iran and Syria that any major attack on Israel by Hezbollah and/or Hamas or the use of any chemical, biological or nuclear weapons against Israel shall be deemed as an act of war by Iran and Syria and would trigger massive reprisals, possibly nuclear. And further, an intensive effort would be initiated to displace the Iranian regime. Given the very strong likelihood of an early Israeli preemptive strike on Iran’s fast developing nuclear weapons program, a massive Hezbollah attack to try and first cripple Israel becomes highly probable.

Rush Limbaugh

So if President Obama is really serious about preventing a major blow-up in the Middle East rather than merely playing to the Arab street, this is the time to demonstrate his so-called evenhandedness, for all parties would greatly benefit. And most importantly, ourselves.

Although the President is clearly unwilling to risk a mid-east blow-up by destroying Iran’s nuclear facilities, he will be precipitating just such an occurrence if he refuses to warn Iran as proposed.

And by such a refusal it will become even more evident that President Obama has a far greater allegiance to a world order in which cut throat dictators have an equal and unchallenged seat at the table than he does to an America that is the defender of freedom and democracy. If so, this would spell even more trouble for a seemingly impotent and hapless U.S. that is becoming not only a laughingstock, but ever more isolated in an increasingly unfriendly and dangerous world – a world reacting to the President’s total abdication of leadership.

One needs only recall when Germany was preparing the invasion of Poland to realize how history repeats itself. Had the western powers warned Hitler they would wholeheartedly retaliate against Germany, the war may have been forestalled and the west given more time to prepare. Now, once again, a meek and clueless White House is doing neither.

Tragically, the President appears to be so blinded by his naïve and foolhardy desire to accommodate the Islamists that he is failing to appreciate the critical role a strong Israel plays in restraining the radicals from overrunning much of the Middle East. This not to mention the all-important moral basis for our longstanding commitment to preserving Israel.

It should also be appreciated just how fortunate we are that Israel is willing to do our dirty work for us and take out Iran’s nuclear facilities. Rather than drumming up ill-founded ways to fault them, we should be giving Israel everything it needs to do an absolutely essential job that we are far better able to do ourselves, but won’t. By it doing so, Israel represents our best hope of averting a catastrophic radical Islamic EMP (electromagnetic pulse) or other nuclear attack on the U.S. and likely Western Europe as well.

The chairman of the congressionally authorized EMP Commission estimated such an attack – which could be launched by a single nuclear missile fired from a freighter off any of our coasts, could kill 70% or more of our entire population from starvation and disease within one year. The EMP effect would knock out most of our electric grid and water pumping systems, cripple transportation and communications networks and virtually shut down the country.

Does any rational minded person really want to put the very survival of our nation in the hands of maniacal, messianicly driven fanatics whose overriding mission, in their own words, is to achieve “a world without America” and who has publicly pronounced they will “annihilate Israel” when they get the bomb. Unlike our own president and our so-called “allies,” we should thank our lucky stars that the Israelis have their wits about them.

Be aware that the hour is growing very late to avert a major war in the Middle East. If the U.S. abdicates its responsibility to draw a line in the sand, we will have unintentionally put Israel in the catbird seat without committing the kind of assistance it will need to effectively counter the radical Islamics as well as destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities before it’s too late to ensure the survival of western civilization.

With the blind leading the blind, never has the expression “head for the hills” had more meaning. Fellow Americans, it’s high time to get our heads out of the sand and to demand Washington does likewise.

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