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Donald Trump: The Reincarnation of George S Patton?

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It’s June: the month we remember brave Americans storming beaches and warriors forced to wait, sidelined until things got worse, joining the fight when they were most needed: men like General George S. Patton and Donald Trump? 


Yes, I said it! You probably disagree? Well, I wrote two books on the damn subject: One on the General and the other on the President, so settle down! 

I’ve just completed film versions of their stories as well with Silence Patton debuting on Newsmax-TV June 12 as the Citizen Trump film debuts online. So, you liberal soft types might want to sit this one out.

And if you have totalitarian leanings, you definitely should leave.

I understand one was part business/showman, turned politician, and the other a military man through and through, but stand at attention, soldier, and I will straighten you out on why I am right and you are wrong.

We know Patton believed he was a reincarnation of great warriors, back to fight again: a Roman Centurion, a soldier with Le Grand Arme, returned in every century. But, if true, how would he fight in the next life? Patton died December 21, 1945, and Donald Trump was born 175 days later on June 14, 1946.

Whose spirit would Patton inhabit with the same boldness, outspokenness, and simple winner take all zeal? 

Though he hated “Washington politics,” Patton thought it was his duty to “take off the gag” and speak the truth. Many wanted him to be president. He was not only the superstar General but the number one conservative and American icon. 


He was also a threat to the “Establishment” powers. That’s not all. When the military bureaucracy victimized Patton for a final time, he threatened to let Americans know the truth about their government, the deep state, the lives lost, and the promise to drain the swamp.

Do any modern Americans come to mind? 

Patton’s fiery temper and lack of self-censoring were his most significant flaws. His language spared no colorful curse words, and he thought it a sign of manhood to speak in such terms during the war. Unfortunately, his words cost him his job, his career, and some will argue his life.

With Patton and Trump, you get what you see, mercurial forces standing up for the Americans they know and love, willing to confront the enemies at home and abroad. They are both loved and loathed and largely misunderstood, and without the trickery of backroom powers of bureaucracy and a burning need to keep pushing forward, they would only win-win-win.

Trump and Patton exuded blitzkrieg-like determination, perhaps at the fear of failure but more likely because they craved the challenge and loved the headlines from bold accomplishments. In both their lives, Americans needed saving. In Patton’s case, the enemies were primarily external. Trump’s are primarily domestic.


However, Patton knew the Nazis were just the first, and the Communists were next in line, and that Washington forces were blocking needed action. The great general tried to warn the American people but to no avail. So, finally, Washington told him to step down at the crucial moments when he could have stopped Joe Stalin’s land grab. 

By then, the communists had made inroads into the FDR government and set up camps inside the system to undermine the American way. What they could not do on the battlefield against America’s most outstanding General, they would do through treachery and subterfuge.

Since then, the red die was cast into the swamps of our American body politic, then spilled over into our educational systems and cultural influences on our families, in our traditions. It’s now emerged as a deadly America-hating cancer. 

Who could provide the chemotherapy? What would Patton say to us today regarding his American pride and his despising of the press, the bureaucratic enemies of the people? 

Patton’s weapon would be a political platform, and he would use it to fire up the troops! He would want to mount an army and fight, even house to house with bayonets. He would raise well-oiled units with hardened minds, maybe not the 3rd Army, but a new American First Republican Party.  


And he would want to lead them, but he would need a new incarnation. 

Haven’t we witnessed Patton’s spirit in Trump, a man bogged down in his presidency by the state and democratic trickery, always trying to steal his fuel, trying to keep him doing his job of protecting the American Way?

If the spirit of Patton was to rise again, would he want more than anything else to reestablish the borders, push back the communists and restore American greatness?

Think of anyone yet? 

Robert Orlando is the author of two new books on Patton and Trump: The Tragedy of Patton and Citizen Trump: A One Man Show, which is being released by Simon & Schuster on June 15.  His film, Silence Patton, debuts on Newsmax-TV on June 12.

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