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AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

I must thank Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors, the most openly candid Marxist in a century. Her vision and courage breakthrough years of blinding whiteness and inner-city police thuggery: “Enough is enough,” she told Newsweek. 


Like the greatest Marxists of old, she is a master of preaching one thing for the cities and then fleeing to her million-dollar properties in the affluent white suburbs, for letting us know she has a perfect plan for the rest of us proletariats. Still, she’s going to do something else. 

We need honest Marxists like this, so I was saddened to see her announce she is leaving BLM, the cause she transformed from hashtag to well-oiled shakedown machine in just eight short years. But, thankfully, we still have her “wisdom” to guide us.

“I just want to break down abolition in one sentence: it is getting rid of police, jails, prison and the court system as we currently know it,” she explains in a beautifully truthful video. No squishy weasel words from her. 

America is finally coming to terms with the dominant white culture and its supremacy of reason, math, law, and order, as tools of oppression. For generations, dating back to America’s recently redefined “founding in 1619,” (not that 1776 Declaration of Independence start of a new nation thing you learned about in history), oppression divided the races and set a fuse.

It seems like that bomb is about to go off finally. We understand that police are no help in these crime-ridden areas and have no impact other than to insight more violence. Yet, Cullors continues to deconstruct old and tired questions, like: 

  • Why does violence occur more in very liberal, diverse, and “woke” cities more than in the Republican suburbs? 

  • Why do the cities with the strictest gun laws have the most crime? 

  • And why do we continue to call police and government “systematically racist” when most leadership and police departments are people of color, who (we are told) can’t be racist because they are people of color? 

Her answer is lucid and straightforward: Black cops and leaders who have had to endure working within a “white system” will enforce the same supremacy by police associative osmosis. She is alluding to a reverse appropriation when you try to change hearts and minds blinded by their exposure to whiteness.

So, if that is the case, why then only abolish the police? Abolish the police, and allow the court systems to remain? Why not defund those too? And while you’re at it, defund the hospitals and prison systems, which have also been racially built and biased for generations. 

Cullors, as prime abolitionists know, believes there comes a time when you can’t save something. It would be best if you burned it down. You cannot disinfect whiteness. It’s in the system. It would be best if you “looted it” for what you deserve and then burn it all down. 


As witnessed during the summer of 2020 “peaceful protest marches,” burning down cities with municipal buildings and police stations was a good start. Still, there might remain a problem with the fire department.

While fire departments would not historically be seen as abusive like the police, lawyers, and hospitals, except for their bias testing, they might still want to intervene to put out the fires. 

In their misguided goodwill, trying to protect and defend, they too might have to go. Abolish the fire department too! Bold change, a needed revolution followed by a new unbiased state. 

We would also need to abolish all the buildings for which these institutions were constructed given their white architecture and engineering roots. Or city planners, who designed the idea of cities, themselves, the blueprints of systemic racism!

Return to that native state before civilization began to apply the chains and offer the bourgeoisie a way to put others in chains. As a trained Marxist, she knows the words of Karl Marx, “The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. On the other hand, they have a world to win.” 

Not the weak Marxism mishandled and interrupted by decades of genocide and statism - no, Cullors and her new Abolition is woke and holds the key to the true Marxism that sees beyond the class struggle to the actual battle of the tribe. 


When we listen to Cullors and her bold vision, we might hesitate. Not because she fundraises for personal gain or because her rhetoric points to a coming violent revolution, but we must look inside ourselves. Understand that we who are weak-minded, and need to remove our own illusions of mercy and justice for all.

A self-serving elitist ideology whose time has come to die.

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