GOP Revolt

Posted: Aug 09, 2008 12:10 PM
GOP Revolt

There is something especially inspiring in watching democracy in action. Today, as has been the case all week, Republican Members of Congress took to the House floor to stand up for Americans who need relief from rising energy costs.

Sadly, what we’ve also seen this week is democratic inaction. When Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Congress skipped town last week, adjourning before Republican Members had a chance to speak about their energy plan on the House floor, they walked out on Congress and essentially walked out on the needs of the American people.

I cannot commend the Republican House Members enough for staying in town this week, while they, too, could be enjoying their August recess and spending time in their districts with their families. This is a prime example of the Republican Party taking the initiative for real change.

American energy exploration, and especially offshore drilling, is a major component of energy independence and lower energy costs. From coast to coast, citizens are turning in favor of this in record numbers; even Speaker Pelosi’s constituents. Why, then, is the majority of our nation’s legislative body turning their backs to the needs of Americans? Isn’t the “People’s House” tasked with passing legislation for the betterment of the country?

John McCain also has asked his opponent to rally Congressional Democrats to return to the chamber for a vote on the comprehensive energy bill, but Barack Obama and Speaker Pelosi would rather take vacations. I hope Obama notices the gas prices in Hawaii, where he is vacationing this week. They’re among the highest in the country, and if America follows his energy plan, they’re certain to continue to rise while our dependence on foreign oil increases as well.

With so much overwhelming support for the American Energy Act across the country, it’s unfathomable why it falls on deaf ears in the Democrat Congress.

House Republican Leader John Boehner said it best today when speaking with a reporter: “You cannot thwart the will of the American people. Our system of government doesn’t allow it.”

“When people speak up, this place responds,” he said.

Millions of Americans are struggling to afford skyrocketing gas prices. The Republican Members of Congress are trying to help; the Democrats are not.

I am confident this issue will remain on voters’ minds in November, when the decision between voting for government action or government inaction couldn’t be more important.