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The Democrats Are Now the Party of Rage, and Maxine Waters Is Their Only Honest Face

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Democrats are out of ideas.  They’re not running on anything that would expand the current financial boom, they aren’t promising a brighter future, and they’re not arguing for measures that will make the United States a freer, more prosperous, society. Their party denies the existence of the demonstrable benefits of capitalism, and they appear to view the U.S. Constitution as nothing more than an irritant – an obstacle that needs to be circumvented if their goals are to come to fruition.  

 What are those goals? Well, certainly they involve socialism, a crackdown on freedom of speech and religion, and the elimination of the Second Amendment. However, there’s a more immediate force behind the current crop of high level Dems: White hot rage.

In 2016, voters they view as a chattering gaggle of gnats went to the ballot box and dared to defy their unquestionable superiority.  The fact that they never saw the loss coming, coupled with the realization that their own party had taken actions that inadvertently helped make it happen, has rocked them to their very core.  Instead of regrouping and reconfiguring, they’ve decided to lash out and implement a scorched Earth plan that will either destroy them or put their crazy-train back on the tracks.

They know that this won’t play well with anyone outside of their base so, most of the time, they do their best to keep their instincts in check.  Party leaders talk about “civility,” they proselytize about “unity,” and they publicly yearn for “healing.” Then (often in the very next breath) the barely-controlled mask slips and they’re screaming about Nazis, comparing everyone to Hitler, and falling back on their ancient stable of class warfare tropes.

However, there is one big-name Democrat who isn’t playing that game. She has no time for the oft-abandoned pretense that has consumed her colleagues. 

Her name is Maxine Waters and, in just about every imaginable way, she has emerged as the honest face of her party.

It’s easy to think this is only a reference to her repeated calls to harass Trump supporters and conservatives in general. After all, she just doubled down on her initial “call to arms” this weekend.

As she put it:

“Remember, there are those who said that we lacked civility. When I got up and talked about the president’s cabinet, and I said, if you see them anywhere, if you see them in a restaurant, if you see them in a department store, even in a gasoline station, just tell ‘them you’re not welcome here, anywhere.

"I did not threaten his constituents and his supporters. I do that all the time, but I didn’t do it that time!”

She went on to say that, while she knew her comments frightened a lot of people, she’d prefer there be no physical attacks. …Just constant harassment and ostracization that will eventually lead to the same place. 

Please note, She made these remarks while receiving a “hero” award from the Los Angeles Young Democratic Club. Those in attendance were laughing, and cheering, throughout. They ate it up.

Their approval (and probably the reason she got the award) stems not from the fact that Waters has said or done anything profound, but from the fact that she’s one of the few Dems willing to openly embrace what the left-wing base already thinks. They want this conflict. At every turn they make that clear. They feel that something was stolen from them in 2016, and they’re spoiling for a very real, very ugly, fight.

But it’s not solely a desire for conflict that makes Waters the face of her party.

Like Maxine Waters, Dems are offering no functional policy proposals. They seek only to tear down what is currently the greatest economic system on Earth, and replace it with their half-baked, misunderstood, and historically discredited version of socialism.

Like Maxine Waters, they do nothing to uplift or augment the integrity and inherent worth of an individual. They seek only to devalue the achievements of others in an effort to promote a despicable notion of jealousy as a virtuous motive.

Like Maxine Waters, they never look inward, and they never seek to cultivate personal responsibility.  Theirs is a philosophy based on blaming the problems they themselves have created upon whatever is handy.  That may be the wealthy, another race, or an entire classification of inanimate objects, but there is always a scapegoat.

Like Maxine Waters, they may be obnoxious and devoid of substance, but they can be incredibly dangerous if given even a shred of real power. 

We should all thank Ms. Waters for offering an example to which every conservative can point. She is an unrepentant avatar of the left’s hollow rhetoric and hypocrisy.

 As she continues to show you who they are, believe her.

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