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News From the Swamp

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Do you wish the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) was more – or less – likely to mail you one of their ominous audit letters?

You know, the kind that lands in your mailbox like the carnival sledgehammer in the “high striker” game. Only, instead of ringing a bell, it sends your blood pressure soaring and has you running for boxes of receipts in the basement – even if you did your taxes honestly and accurately, which we all should.  


If not, you must be an editorial writer for the Washington Post, the government newsletter.  They railed against Republicans this past Thursday for trimming the IRS’ budget.  

“The agency’s audit rate has plummeted,” the Post thundered from its prime spot in the belly of the Swamp. “If you pay your taxes, on time and in good faith, you should be outraged.”   

Or relieved, depending on your point of view.

Calling for a bigger IRS budget and more audits, the Post labeled “the GOP effort to hobble the IRS” an “irrational populist spasm that Congress should finally suppress.”

Somehow, the Post was not overly moved when the IRS under President Obama was caught red-handed using its power to kneecap the Tea Party movement in 2009, 2010 and beyond.  

Ample documentation emerged of IRS officials repeatedly visiting the White House during this time to, oh, I don’t know, have tea?

Meanwhile, IRS agents were demanding years of financial records and piling on with other federal agencies against Obama’s perceived political enemies. They even demanded to know if some groups seeking a tax exemption started their meetings with prayer.  

It soon became clear that Lois Lerner, who was in charge of the nonprofit sector at the IRS, was illegally using the government like a Third World brute squad to hobble a major Republican constituency.  Of course, nothing ever happened to her, other than retiring with a full pension. Thanks, suckers.  


No wonder the Post wants the IRS to be bigger and more powerful.  It’s nice to have them in your corner hassling conservatives when you’re trying to elect more socialists, er, progressives.   

Along those lines, the Post also ran a column the same day by a self-described Republican woman who penned, “How Democrats can attract Republican voters.”

This swamp creature, who once chaired a major federal agency and worked in Republican and Democrat administrations, is the Post’s kind of “Republican.” She wants Democrats to choose an “experienced” candidate like Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren.  She warns against being lured by young Mayor Pete, who has been surging in primary state polls.

“I like Buttigieg and would be happy to endorse him… 20 years from now,” this “Republican” writes.   But, he’s too wet behind the ears, unlike Obama who, she swoons, “was, and is, an exceptional, inspirational leader, skilled politician and grass-roots organizer.”

As for President Trump, she says he beat Hillary Clinton only because “a large segment of the electorate wanted to register a vote against her perceived elitism and disinterest in the working class.”

This simplistic explanation couched in the language of Marxist class warfare is not why I voted against her.  It’s not even because Hillary is a crook and a liar and hung our people out to dry in Benghazi.  


It’s because, unlike her “centrist” Democrat husband, she’s a hardcore leftist in the mold of Barack Obama, whose administration put hundreds of loons in judge’s robes, rammed through his own version of HillaryCare and knocked America down a peg all over the world, especially in the Middle East. That’s where he did his “apology to Muslims” tour and shipped pallets of cash to our enemies in Tehran.

On top of all that, Donald Trump is actually pro-American, pro-life, pro-religious liberty, appoints excellent judges and is not afraid to take on the Left, including the Marxist brain trust otherwise known as “mainstream media.”

Did I say “Marxist?” How else to explain things like a lengthy, sweetheart obituary in the Washington Post on Thursday for Harry “Pombo” Villegas, “right hand man” to Cuban revolutionary leader Che Guevara?  Most of the article is about the dashing Che, beloved of T-shirt wearing, clueless college students.  They have no idea that he was a ruthless thug who personally executed many of Fidel Castro’s opponents without trial or mercy. Neither do the Post's obit readers.

Mr. Villegas followed Che to Africa and South America, where, backed by the Soviets, Che was trying to turn more countries into communist hellholes.  

Che finally was captured in Bolivia with the CIA’s help in 1967 as Villegas escaped and got back to Castro’s Cuba.  A Bolivian sergeant executed Che, with a nefarious CIA agent orchestrating it to look like he died in battle, according to Mr. Villegas’s memoir cited in the obit.


The very last line is a quote from Villegas: “Che died as he lived; full of optimism.”

So, CIA bad, Che and Villegas good. Par for the course.  

Between the call for a more powerful IRS, the political advice to Democrats from the “Republican” woman, and the ode to one of the most vicious murderers of our time, the Post lived up to its front-page motto: “Democracy Dies in Darkness.”

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