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AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Aug. 31, 2021 marks the date that the United States military will have fully pulled up stakes and fled Afghanistan in one of the most shameful withdrawals in American history.  


The Biden Administration has reaffirmed this disastrous decision to leave by Aug. 31 after being threatened by 7th century Taliban war fighters if the arbitrary date was not met. Taliban spokesperson Suhail Shaheen said: "It's a red line. President Biden announced that on 31 August they would withdraw all their military forces… If the U.S. or U.K. were to seek additional time to continue evacuations — the answer is no. Or there would be consequences.”

At the time of the decision, the Biden administration still did not know how many Americans are in country.  The President himself clings to the lie that any American who wants to leave can get to the airport, disregarding numerous reports on the ground that this is a fiction. What’s more, the hundreds of thousands of Afghan citizens who were allied with the United States find themselves with no way out as there are only so many flights that can be made out of the one runway, downtown Kabul airport that Biden’s team chose as the exit staging grounds over a fortified air base that could handle at least double the traffic.  

The Americans troops at the airport have done yeoman’s service to get this airlift up and running, and the Biden administration knows how many people can be expected to be taken to safety. And they know that hundreds of thousands of people who are fleeing for their lives will be left behind to die.

The 2021 killing field in Afghanistan will explode as the Taliban shuts down all unwanted, independent outside communications to deny the world knowledge about what is happening unless it is in their interests. They are already hunting down and murdering every person who aided and abetted America and our allies, killing families while leaving their young daughters to serve as sex slaves to their soldiers. 


Every person who is Christian or is an apostate who is identified will be executed along with their families.  

This is not hyperbole, it is what is happening and will intensify dramatically when we are gone.

The killing fields of Cambodia with the Khmer Rouge slaughtering its own people happened.  In addition, the murder of at least 100,000 Vietnamese by the North Vietnamese and so-called re-education of hundreds of thousands more happened in the wake of the fall of Saigon in 1975.  We know what is going to happen. The U.S. troops behind the wire at the Kabul Airport are ordered not to bring people to safety, and at some point, they will have too many passengers for not enough seats and people will be left on the runway to be slaughtered.  

With today’s decision the blood of every single one of these people who are left behind to die will be on Joe Biden’s hands, the same as if he wielded the sword which beheaded them.  

And just eleven days later on the 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on America, the very images of the Twin Towers in New York City on fire and collapsing forever which have been seared into our collective consciousness, will be celebrated by the Taliban and other terrorist sympathizers around the world along with the last American plane abandoning Kabul as symbols of their victory. 

Our national humiliation shown in every anti-civilization backwater in the world as an encouragement to engage in small and large terror attacks. All while the Biden White House will be attempting to sell a delusional view of the world to anyone who will buy it.


America has historically been the most compassionate nation in the world.  A nation fighting to bring the bright light of liberty around the world.  On September 1, that fight will be much harder as the indelible stain of those left behind by a President who should have known better besmirches the stars and stripes. 

The rest of the world will wonder if our fundamental character has changed, have we become weak cowards, no longer deserving of our place in the world?  Asking, if we left behind allies to die in Afghanistan, what chance is there that we will keep our obligations to them?  Leaving Biden’s permanent historical legacy as the president who made the world a much more dangerous place, causing not only untold thousands of people in Afghanistan to die, but inspiring foreign powers like China to be bolder in their aggression as well as minor, currently unknown actors to make their marks through terrorism.

I pray that the post-Aug. 31 world that Biden’s planned withdrawal leaves holds together and that this day fades as a bad memory, and nothing more. But we all know that it is far more likely that a world that was already a very dangerous place will devolve rapidly in places that we know like the Middle East and Taiwan, but also in countless places that the American security blanket had kept under wraps as well. A world that unravels under the uncertainty that Pax Americana still exists. 


The good news is that the Aug. 31 decision is not final until the rate of withdrawal becomes irreversible.  Congress, the American people and our allies around the world must pressure the Biden administration to reconsider this fateful, deadly decision. The consequences are too monumental to do otherwise. Not just to stop the immediate death sentences for hundreds of thousands of Afghan citizens who believed in freedom for a brief moment in history, but also for the billions of people around the world who still look at the United States as a beacon of hope.  

Shame on us if we allow this moment in history to pass without anything more than a feeble whimper of protest.

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