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"It's About..." a Turn to Port

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An economic downturn can be quite terrible – whether it affects a single individual or community, a segment of society, a nation or the entire world. How each individual, family, and the nation’s institutional and political leaders deal with any difficult economic situation, reflects the personal values of each citizen as well as the core values and true political character of each of that nations leaders.

How does this apply to our current situation?

Whether we are already in, are about to enter - while trying to avoid - an economic depression; or, are in, and may sink further into, severe economic recession, one thing is certain:

The fear being stoked - perhaps the more accurate word is “stimulated”- by many political, media, and economic actors is central to the increasingly evident effort to change the United States into something never intended by the founders.

The effort underway is concerted and it’s gaining momentum.

It is no longer a stretch to think, and express concern, that what is being foisted on the American people – left unchecked – will ultimately change the USA into something very, very different.

Some have described their view of where we are headed by using acronyms such as “USSA.” (United Socialist States of America.)

Regardless, the implication is clear – and troubling.

Of course, changing the name of our country is not an essential part in any concerted plan to change everything else.

All that is necessary to further undermine the United States is to continue the pernicious ‘lean-to-the-left’, or ‘port’ turn, in American economic policies and practices.

Just as any sailor “worth his sea-legs” understands that confusing left and right could cause a ship wreak; every ‘freedom loving’ citizen should understand and contemplate the ramifications of what is underway within the good o’ USA - now that we can discern the sharp turn to “port” undertaken by political and institutional officials.

How has much of this been orchestrated?

All of the rudder changes to ‘port’ inserted into the plot-chart of our ship-of-state have been served up to citizens as salvation solutions for our economic woes. But while the strategic solutions are not realistic and will have little real effect, the hope is that the political salve will buy incumbents precious political time, so that officials can calibrate their claims as eventual rebounds begin. In other words, there is a bottom to everything.

Still, there are other current realities to note, including:

The economic reality that growing numbers of individuals have lost jobs, assets, and have seen asset values decline; as well as the political reality that many more individuals are increasingly worried about losing their job, house, and savings is empathetically understandable.

Those realities provided an opening for political office holders and seekers who, along with their minions in the mainstream media, dutifully did their part to help fill it with a continuous cacophony of worry messages, designed to stoke people’s fears and prepare the public for the socialized “stimulus” solutions designed and packaged by political soothsayers.

Unfortunately, the simulated solutions already foisted on Americans - as well as those now being crafted - contain very little real free market content.

In fact, after an objective review of the long list of administration projects and programs, in search of real and substantive nutrition to aid our ailing economy, one recalls Walter Mondale’s plaintive call to Gary Hart during their 1984 primary debate, “Where’s the beef?”

Of course, some might counsel “what did you expect?”

If that includes you, I accept the point.

Perhaps, another apt description of the wasteful package of pork being foisted on America’s Citizens as economic stimulus - what was it the creator said about the old Jerry Seinfeld show on TV - “It’s… about nothing”.

Yes, it’s about nothing; but it’s even more about the deliberate turn to “port”.

Growing numbers of Americans are beginning to realize that the best direction for our American ship-of-state is always ‘Starboard’.

The course correction cannot wait for 2010, 2012 or beyond.

It’s ‘Right Full Rudder – Now’!

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