Real Stories Expose Obama’s Lies

Posted: Nov 07, 2013 4:03 PM

Last week, the RNC launched, where those impacted by ObamaCare can share their stories and even upload pictures of letters canceling their coverage, pink slips from employers, or screenshots of glitches.

Responses have come pouring in from people who have been hurt by ObamaCare and by the president’s lies.

Here’s some of what they’re saying.

Lisa A. of Maryland writes, “I loved my primary care provider, but they could no longer afford to stay in business due to Obamacare and had to sell out to a corporate entity. They are now only keeping 450 of their former patients, and charging a yearly ‘retainer.’ It is called ‘Concierge Care.’ They wanted $1600 per year for the privilege of being their patient. I can't afford that!”

Steve H. of Michigan lost his plan and is now forced to pay more. “Our insurance (that we liked, thank you very much Mr. President) was cancelled. We paid $266 a month for a policy that WE LIKED. The Obamacare plan we were offered is over 600 a month, with a 12,000 dollar deductible! This is ‘affordable’ health care?!”

Heather H. of Texas shares, “I'm 36 years old and have had the same doctor my entire life. My doctor decided to retire early as she could no longer afford to keep her office open due to the new healthcare reforms.”

David W. of Washington says, “My wife and I were very pleased with our plan. Several weeks ago we received a letter from our carrier…that the plan will be terminated on 1/1/14 because it did not comply with ACA. Current premiums are $647/mo for the two of us. They want to ‘transition’ us into a compliant plan that will cost almost $1300/ yr.”

Brett H. of West Virginia writes, “My family’s medical insurance rate will triple if I get the best coverage my employer is offering. This plan is still inferior to the plans offered last year due to the restructuring my employer had to do because of Obamacare.”

Nathan C. of North Carolina says, “I am a student in college. My parents are both teachers. My father and I had insurance with a certain blue-colored company, while my mother, who is employed by the state, is covered by her job’s insurance. On October 1, our insurance costs tripled because of Obamacare.”

Michael L. of Georgia shares the story of his new small business. “Earlier this year, I started a business. We're small, but hopeful. I have been paying for medical coverage for my family through a Humana policy that I had found through an insurance brokerage. We just received the ‘letter’ telling us that Affordable Care Act was necessitating a change in coverage. Either we stay with [our] current policy (and pay about 30% more for the same coverage - and we can only do this for one year) or move to an ‘ACA-compliant’ plan which will be nearly triple what we've been paying.”

These are just a few of many, many stories. President Obama promised you could “keep your plan” and “keep your doctor.” Every day, more Americans are discovering that was a lie as they lose their plans, lose their doctors, and are forced to pay more for health insurance. That’s certainly not “affordable care.”

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