For the White House, Shutdown is a Game

Posted: Oct 04, 2013 4:15 PM

Today, the White House learned the hard way that the definition of a political gaffe is accidentally telling the truth. In the latest look into the White House's warped view of reality, a senior official proudly boasted that it “really doesn’t matter” to them how long the shutdown lasts because they think that they are "winning" the shutdown.

In the latest CBS poll, fully 76 percent of Americans believe that the President and the Democrats in Congress should compromise in order to come to an agreement. In refusing time and time again to come to the table, Democrats have certainly avoided any and all compromise, but look what have they done to get this "win."

By issuing veto threats and marshaling Senate Democrats in opposition to bipartisan House funding bills, they've denied funding to cancer treatment and to our vets. They've barricaded our parks and our memorials. They're prepared to block votes to get funding to WIC and Head Start. They're keeping federal workers off the job--and working families in a state of anxiety.

The White House says they're winning. That must mean that they're proud that mothers, infants, cancer patients, vets, and working class families are losing.

This isn't a game. But the Obama White House is treating it as one. That explains their unwillingness to negotiate or compromise--and their refusal to treat all Americans fairly by giving them the same delay from the train wreck of ObamaCare that they gave to big businesses.

House Republicans have proposed and passed bipartisan bills to reopen government and keep important programs running and just last evening, 57 House Democrats broke ranks with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to support these bills and end this shutdown. And for the last 4 days—or for that matter 4 months—what has the White House done to promote a bipartisan solution? Nothing.

Americans are losing…but the White House thinks it’s winning. Stand strong with Speaker Boehner and House Republicans and end the Democrat shutdown.