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There’s no doubt that the annual White House Correspondents' Association (WHCA) dinner historically has been a grand affair. I’ve been several times and always had a blast. (Not to mention the fact that they were great networking events.)

But this year, even though I received a supposedly coveted “invitation for two” for the April 28 gala, I will not be attending.

Given that I have an advertising agency, skipping the dinner might not be a great business move — but I don’t care. I simply refuse to sit through the sexist, hypocritical, divisive, incredibly crude shtick of this year’s chosen emcee, “comedian” and radical feminist Michelle Wolf.

Ms. Wolf fashions herself a heroine of the #MeToo movement, but she totally misses the mark. She trashes men, in general, as sexual predators, while insinuating that all women are blameless. Of course, she doesn’t directly say so, but her message is loud and clear in recent monologues.

For instance, in one, she insists that every man even accused of sexual impropriety in the workplace be replaced with a woman. Except that she doesn’t call men “men” but refers to them using a pejorative for male genitalia.

Always after the cheap laugh, her humor is non-creative and sophomoric — and so very boring.

And the double standard practiced by this female entertainer, who now is celebrated by the WHCA, is mind-numbing. Imagine for a moment a male comedian who refers to women with a pejorative for female genitalia being invited to headline the single biggest media event of the year. It wouldn’t happen.

Or imagine inviting a male who says that every female executive accused of wrong-doing must be replaced with a man. Such sexism would not be tolerated by the WHCA, let alone celebrated.

Ms. Wolf and the entire WHCA do great harm to the legitimacy of the #MeToo movement when they fail to separate good, decent men from sexual predators. They also further the “gender war” and gender inequality when they assert that women are saints.

Certainly, there are comedians who can bring levity to the very real issues of sexual harassment and assault without furthering a political agenda or creating undue strain between the two genders. But they would never be invited to headline the dinner because the WHCA isn’t in the habit of promoting rational discussions or real news. It seeks to further its own leftist agenda.

The choice of Ms. Wolf to headline the WHCA dinner is illustrative of why Americans should not believe what they see, hear and read from “mainstream” media covering the White House.

Make no mistake: my presence will not be missed. I’m a nobody from nowhere to the Hollywood and media elite who will gather amidst great fanfare. The point is that they care not about folks like you and me. They do not care that their hypocritical, divisive actions contribute to a culture that negatively affects our sons and daughters and their relations with the opposite sex.

The media elite are concerned with only one thing: their own stardom.

My preference is to have my political views challenged on an intellectual level. It’s impossible to even consider Ms. Wolf’s views as legitimate when she routinely trashes men and offers sainthood to women.

The kind of political humor that I appreciate is born of creativity and intelligence versus the crass language and humor of the typical middle school playground bully.

While Ms. Wolf and the entire WHCA claim to despise sexism, they are guilty of perpetuating it by embracing the worst kind of stereotyping possible: claiming that one gender is inherently better than the other.


April marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King, who called on all Americans to unify regardless of race or gender. Most Americans still hope for a nation marked by decency and civility, a country where men and women are judged by the “content of their character” rather than the nature of their gender.

Yet the so-called “progressive” news elite will gather to dine in grand style and celebrate their continued regressive efforts to divide us. How pathetic.

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