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How is it that highly organized protests against President Trump keep popping up across the country?

Follow the money.

Why is it that the traditional definition of marriage was suddenly discarded after years of citizens voting for it to be preserved?


Follow the money.

How are illegal immigrants organized so quickly and young voters corralled overnight to demand open borders? Where did the saturation of transgender and pansexual ideology come from? 

How is it possible that Black Lives Matter seems to be everywhere? Or that the call for pot legalization is sweeping the nation? Or that there is an international movement for globalization simultaneously occurring in countries around the world?

Follow the money … the George Soros money through his Open Society Foundation.

In this long season of cultural and political tension, Americans need to know the truth about the source of the conflicts, about why communities and our nation are being ripped apart.

Mr. Soros’ Open Society Foundation also is busy abroad in a well-financed attempt to strip America and other nations of our sovereignty and make us beholden to an international government.

Mr. Soros funds so many of these hateful, disruptive (even violent) efforts here at home and abroad that it’s hard to keep track.

But, finally, an ad-hoc group of pro-freedom Americans is doing just that.

For an up-to-date list of all of the organizations that George Soros has started or is funding, take a peek at It will make you sick at first glance to see how all of these groups are connected.

However, that sick, disgusted feeling should quickly turn into relief in knowing that neighbor isn’t confronting neighbor from some deep-seeded hatred. It’s all about one man and his friends paying the (largely) unemployed to cause trouble.


Research shows that the billionaire Mr. Soros is spending millions to finance a huge grievance and anarchy industry that pretends to be grassroots justice protests.

You can see the recruitment efforts at one of the hiring portals, where, for example, vulnerable college kids who need extra money can earn cash creating disruptive events for new groups like “BadAssWomen” and “Green Corps” as well as the ACLU. Other “opportunities” involve getting paid to stage or attend protests in various states to demand a mandatory minimum wage or to just hassle Mr. Trump in an attempt to delegitimize him.

Just take a look at Mr. Soros’ IRS 990s (of his $20-billion Open Society Foundation), and you can see the scale of the funding efforts to defeat everything from the free market system to the structure of the timeless nuclear family.

Why destroy the family unit, you ask? Because Mr. Soros knows that the nuclear family has been the basis upon which every single stable civil society has been built since the beginning of time. It’s why Marxist ideology also sought the demise of families composed of a mom and a dad.

The list of tawdry, destabilizing and dehumanizing projects funded by Mr. Soros goes on and on: drug legalization, laws enabling “the sex worker industry,” pansexuality, abortion and gender identity politics. In addition, Black Lives Matter groups around the country and groups called “Resist,” “DisruptJ20” “Indivisible” and “Women’s March” — all are designed to weaken Donald Trump and pro-freedom policies.


Then there are the “rented ministers” in various churches who are being paid to advocate for anti-Christian “progressive” causes.

And elitists in media and entertainment outlets are all too happy to broadcast leftist street theater as our national narratives.

Even Fox News regularly allows guests from Soros-backed organizations like Center for American Progress, La Raza, National Immigration Forum, Sojourners, Faith in Public Life, the ACLU and more to appear on its shows without ever identifying that George Soros backs and strategies with all of them.

Kudos to hosts like Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham who battle the leftists every day. Fox needs to start identifying, in every single interview, who ties all of these groups together with a solid money chain.

What’s their end goal of all the disruption? It’s about power and control. And America and freedom-loving people across the world are suffering the consequences.

Thank God, there is a growing awareness and people beginning to shine light on the madness.

One of the concerned leaders is Kelly Monroe Kullberg, co-author and editor of the book, “Finding God at Harvard” and a leader of the new coalition, the American Association of Evangelicals (see research there). In 2016, Mrs. Kullberg and over a hundred Christian leaders including Alveda King, Eric Metaxas and George Barna asked Americans to consider the funding of radical groups and “rented” evangelicals and Catholics.


Mrs. Kullberg sums up the clarion call for all of us: “As ‘progressive’ billionaires weaken sovereign and historically Christian cultures and nations, their global power grows. This is regress, not progress. It is unjust and unloving. The decline of America and Europe is not inevitable, it’s purchased. And millions suffer.

“As Americans discover and reject this influence and agenda, we will experience what we most need, renewal and revival. And our moral compass and strength will return. For our children and their futures. I urge people to explore the information at, and”

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