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Culture Challenge of the Week: Intimidation and Homosexual "Marriage"

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From the time we are children until our dying day, we will find ourselves subjected to ridicule and hate when we dare to stand for what is right. And when it happens, we also painfully discover that decent bystanders are often silenced by fear.

All it takes is one bully accompanied by a few noisy and nasty cohorts to intimidate the multitude of honest players scattered across the playground.

Our present culture is steeped in moral relativism and a devaluation of the sexual intimacy that was designed to be reserved for marriage, thanks to a media culture that has been controlled largely by five large conglomerates. They have designed and scripted virtually everything we have seen, listened to on the radio, watched on television and in the movies, and read over the last several decades. Their influence is so complete that one can scarcely go through a day without having sex of every kind brought into our homes through seemingly innocent comedy shows, commercials, textbooks, music and even children’s fiction.

It has long been the goal of homosexual activists and the Hollywood elite to destroy the timeless truths of marriage, of family, and of purity. And because their voices are everywhere, their ubiquitous doctrine has become mistaken for public consensus. Like the bully on the playground and his minions, this small gang of activists and power mongers have caused the masses to lose their public voice in defending what they know is right. By subjecting national leaders who dare to speak up about protecting marriage to constant media ridicule, and by calling them “bigots” and “homophobes”, they have caused many other Americans who believe in marriage – who are unsettled in their stomachs about redefining the timeless institution – to simply shrug their shoulders and fall silent.

How To Save Your Family and Your America

Do not be silenced. Learn the facts and arguments that support what you know to be true. Refuse to be intimidated or overpowered by the bullies.

Dr. James Dobson, the host of the new radio show, Family Talk (on whose board I am honored to serve), is the nation’s foremost advocate on behalf of marriage. He has counseled and blessed literally millions of moms, dads and children over the years as the former leader of Focus on the Family, an international ministry that he founded years ago. He has seen the devastation that comes to individuals – especially children – when selfish desires and inferior substitutes try to take the place of a sound home life. In a recent letter to the supporters of FamilyTalk, Dr. Dobson pointed out that in a survey conducted in May of this year, Public Opinion Strategies (POS), a nationally recognized research organization, “found that 62 percent of Americans agreed with the statement, ‘I believe marriage should be defined only as the union of one man and one woman.’ Only 35 percent disagreed. Other developments validate these findings. Voters in thirty-one states have participated in statewide elections for the purpose of defining marriage. All 31 of them, without exception, have defined it exclusively as being between one man and one woman.”

The social science data confirms our national common sense. The research overwhelmingly reveals that it is within the intact family unit composed of a married man and woman that children, men and women are all better off financially, emotionally, educationally and psychological than in any other family structure.

Dr. Dobson summarizes the truth of marriage best:

“Marriage represents the very foundation of human social order. Everything of value sits on that base. Institutions, governments, religious fervor and the welfare of children are all dependent on its stability. When it is weakened or undermined, the entire superstructure begins to wobble. Admittedly, there have been periods in history where homosexuality has flourished, such as in the biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, in Ancient Greece and in the Roman Empire. None of these civilizations survived.”

For more on how to stand for truth, visit Because when good people are silent, bad things happen. Don’t let intimidation cause you to abandon what you know is right.

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