Conservative Victory

Posted: Mar 30, 2010 12:01 AM
Conservative Victory

I'm not sure how you can describe the largest expansion of government into the most private area of our lives as anything other than socialism. And "socialist" comes fairly close to describing the manner in which our national leaders recently behaved when they ignored the will of the people and voted to ram through a health care program that seeks to force every American to bow to the "wisdom" and mercy of government leaders to decide what is best for us and our families.

Sean Hannity, in his new book, "Conservative Victory" proves that this is just the latest in a series of blatant anti-freedom policies that the Obama administration and radical liberals have advanced. He also lays out how such policies threaten our families, our republic, and America's future:

"America's leftists have consistently betrayed their disdain for the military, for American exceptionalism, for capitalism and capitalists. But today they've taken their assaults to a new level. It's no exaggeration to say that our future as a nation of liberty and prosperity, and as the world's sole superpower, has never been in greater jeopardy. We are in a war for our national survival."

Sean Hannity FREE

Hannity carefully documents how the Obama administration and the radical left agenda are quickly destroying our children’s future. From slowly dismantling our military and our military arsenals like missile defense; to driving families ever closer to personal economic crisis; to the government take over of critical private sector businesses; to chaining our children to the massive debt before they earn their first dollar– America, and especially our children, are in trouble.

Sean says it best, “The true key to conservative victory is to stay true to conservative principles; to convey the message clearly and powerfully; and to refuse to let liberals distort what we stand for and what is in our hearts.”

That’s it a nutshell: be true to our nation’s First Principles, and America will flourish. We know certain things are true, and we must not be afraid to defend them: That strong marriages between one woman and one man are the basic component of civil society; that there is intrinsic value in every human life; that workers should keep more of what they earn by the sweat of their brow; that we will remain free if we have a strong military and practice ‘peace through strength’; that lower taxes, smaller government, and free markets create economic prosperity and opportunity; and that America is a nation “under God”.

Sean brilliantly connects the dots between bad economic policies and their detrimental effects on the family unit. “We must not allow government to continue to undermine the nuclear family, as it has with welfare programs that provide incentives for people to remain unmarried, quit working, and produce illegitimate children. These are horrible results in the name of compassion. You don’t help people by destroying their dignity and their family.”

Sean’s terrific book outlines specific steps that must be taken if America is to be preserved, including seeking energy independence, securing our borders, and restoring free-market forces to the health care industry which will solve many of the problems with the system. Here are a few of my favorite steps, please read “Conservative Victory” for all of them:

- “We must be the party that protects religious liberties – which means opposing the efforts of secularists to suppress religious freedoms under a highly exaggerated and distorted notion of church-state separation.”

- We “must be known far and wide as the party that is committed to constitutional government.”

- We “must make the case that our constitution, along with our Judeo-Christian values, is the primary reason we enjoy greater liberties than any other nation in history – liberties that are inalienably bestowed upon us by God.”

A “Conservative Victory” is an American victory. I highly recommend Sean Hannity’s book as the way to get started on securing both.