Forget the Debt Deal. . . What’s Going on with Obamacare?

Posted: Oct 15, 2013 12:01 AM

It’s probably the largest single force crippling our chances at a recovery, and the US media is largely ignoring it. Obamacare is far more than a botched website exchange. . .

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Show Prep:

Michael Novak joined the show to discuss his new book about his conversion from liberalism to conservatism.

What’s Right with Ransom: Ransom talks about the monumental impact of Obamacare’s implementation:

Big Three:

Number Three:

Despite all the commotion in the news about the US Debt “negotiations” (can you call them that when only one side is compromising?) the Markets may have already priced in a solution. No-one believes there will ultimately be a default. At least that’s the general feeling on Wall Street.

Number Two:

Of course, that optimisim is based on the assumption that DC is made up of rational people. Over the weekend, Boehner tried to surrender compromise with Democrats numerous times. . .

And each time he was rejected by our non-negotiating President. Steve Forbes pointed this out on Bloomberg this morning.

Number One:

Now – looking away from the idiocy of DC – how’s the economy positioning the market for the rest of the year? Based on fundamentals (and not media-driven DC-drama) it. . . um. . . could look better. . .

Other News:

This is not a joke: What do Unicorns, Santa Clause, and Obamacare-success-stories have in common? (MiamiHerald)

Helpful hints if you can’t afford your new Obamacare plans: Make less money. (HotAir)

Oh, good. . . It’s been a while since Chris Christie helped Democrats by trashing his own party. . . I was starting to wonder what had happened to the NJ Governor. (The Daily Beast)

France’s “far” right party is gaining traction. . . According to the story, the party’s popularity stems from people’s dissatisfaction with unemployment, taxes, and rampant crime. (One has to wonder: Why did these people vote socialist in the first place then?) (France24)

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