The Leaderless USA

Posted: Oct 03, 2013 12:01 AM
The Leaderless USA

The government shutdown is turning out to be more, and more, of a joke. But it is a pretty illustritave display of Obama’s inability to lead. Bob Beauprez, former Congressman from Colorado, joined the show to discuss what the shutdown says about the Obama White House.

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Show Prep:

Bob Beauprez joined the program to discuss the lack of Washington leadership:

Big Three:

Number Three:

Brace yourself. . . After the Debt Ceiling, Obamacare implementation, and government shutdown all drop from the news we’ll be back to talking about other ways government can gum up the works. (Josh Rosner, from Graham Fisher & Co.)

Number Two:

So. . . Now Obama’s turning to those evil greedy bankers for help. And what does he need help with? Spreading his message, apparently. (Bloomberg) And by the way, if I was Jamie Dimon I’d tell Obama that I’m too busy dealing with all these Federal Investigations to get down to DC. . .

Number One:

And the big news for today: 166k jobs created. (Mark Zandi from Moody’s)

Other News:

This is the most accurate description of Government incompetence I’ve seen in a while. (A Line of Sight)

Over 93% of EPA employees were deemed to be non-essential, and got furloughed. . . Seems like a low number to me. . . (Breitbart)

Around 90% of IRS agents are also being furloughed. . . Which also seems a little low. (ZeroHedge)

A little Theatrical, but the point is still valid. (ABCNews)

The Program in its entirety: