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The Party of Opportunity

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Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory, and former member of the Democrat Party, joined the program to discuss his Free At Last PAC and the lost message of the GOP.

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Show Prep:

Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory joined the program to discuss his Free At Last PAC and the lost message of the GOP:


Big Three:

Number Three:

It’s nice to know that a secretive agency, the NSA, has been secretly breaking a few secret laws. . . According to a secret court.

Number Two:

Getting more to the markets, the financial shows continue to insist that productivity and efficiency are the root of America’s unemployment problems. Bloomberg News touched on the topic while discussing recent changes to the DJIA.

Number One:

The markets have continued to climb (and climb) despite uncertainty in Syria, uncertainty in US Fiscal policy, and incompetency in the White House. . . But, still, ya gotta love it when pundits think the days of bear markets are merely memories.

Other News:

Don’t forget about 9/11. . . Either one of them.

Um, *Ahem*. . . HOORAY!!! Message from Colorado to NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg: “Get Lost.”

Yeah, I guess Obama just showed the world who’s boss. . .

And let’s not forget Obama’s stewardship of the “war on terror.”

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