Really Obama? More Uncertainty?

Posted: Sep 06, 2013 12:01 AM

Obama’s dithering on Syria is merely an example of his administration’s knack for keeping the markets on edge. Michael also ranted about Walmart workers demanding an increase in their wage (inspired by McDonald’s employees?).

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Show Prep:

Walmart workers are now picketing for higher wages. (But I bet they don’t want prices to go up. . .)

Big Three:

Number Three:

So. . . How is Syria impacting trading right now? Larry Levin was asked that very question on Bloomberg

Number Two:

ADP released their employment estimates. . . Nice. . . Not thrilling, but nice.

Number Three One:

And of course Jobless claims dropped by 9,000 which means this is THE BEST RECOVERY EVER!!!

Stocks in the News:


Other News:

More protests for an increase in low skill labor costs.

Syria, and Obama. . . There are so many things wrong with this situation.

But at least the rebels seem like really good people. . . Right?

Common Core, and its impact on parenting.

Maybe a touch of overkill?

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