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Is the Federal Reserve Doing Anything Right?

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Ambassador Kevin Brady, from the People’s Republic of Texas, joined the program to discuss the future of the Federal Reserve.

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Show Prep:

Congressman Kevin Brady, from the Republic of Texas, joined the program to discuss the future of the Federal Reserve:

What’s Right With Ransom:

Big Three:

Number Three:

Well, it’s not exactly news: Our economy is not exactly robust. Here’s what it sounds like to have a Liberal try to explain why

Number Two:

Everybody’s talking about Syria as the US Senate plans on voting for or against military action. And what exactly are they considering? Bloomberg reports

Number One:

Between Syria, economic data, and political uncertainty, commodities this morning were all pulling back as they waited for some sort of clear signal

Stocks in the News:


Other News:

Aside from the fact that we know what he’s saying is not true, I can’t think of one reason to call him a liar.

Here’s the President audaciously claiming he never drew a red line on Syria.

And here he is drawing a red line.

Changing the topic from Syria: Here are a bunch of global warming activists who were thwarted by the seasonally cold temperatures in northern Canada.

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