Government Pensions Bankrupting Cities – and Individuals

Posted: Aug 14, 2013 12:01 AM
Government Pensions Bankrupting Cities – and Individuals

With every passing year, more cities, states, and government entities come one step closer to being the next Detroit. As Politicians make bigger promises for public pensions, citizens are being asked to shell out more and more money in taxes. Grover Norquist joined the program to discuss the connection between the two.

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Show Prep:

Big Three:

Number Three:

The Feds are stepping in to make sure that you continue to have multiple choices for air travel. Bloomberg reports.

Forget price. . . Is there anything we can do to increase quality of service? 

Number Two:

Well. . . We hate to get kinda doom-and-gloom on you here, but these are the types of things you need to be aware of in the market. Jonathan Tepper, with Varient Perception, said this about Margin Debt on CNBC.

Number One:

As parts of Europe show some strength, some economists are using the strength as an excuse for more stimulus spending. . . Bloomberg’s Simon Kennedy claims further Austerity could damage the recovery.

(Just a quick note about jobs: Employment is a symptom of economic performance. . . It’s not the driver.) 

Stocks in the News:

Grover Norquist, with Americans for Tax Reform, joined the program to talk about the impact of public sector unions on the tax debate.

Other News:

I’m glad to see that while Obama’s running around decrying the infinitesimal budget cuts known as the “sequester”, our federal tax dollars are being prudently invested.

Another delay in Obamacare. . . Can we scrap this law yet?

The Obama’s airlift their dog to Martha’s Vineyard; but we still can’t have White House tours, or a working ambulance for the President’s motorcade. . .

C’mon. . . It is Detroit. Do you really think this is going to matter?

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