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We are living in an unprecedented era, where the left has now mastered voter disenfranchisement and suppression, largely by controlling the legal system where statutory violations and crimes normally would be stopped. Instead, the left comes up with excuses to explain away every anomaly, even though the statistical odds of all of them taking place — almost exclusively hurting Republicans — are unbelievable. Of the 70-plus vote centers in Maricopa County that were plagued by bizarre printing problems affecting people’s ability to vote, almost every one was located in an extremely Republican area, averaging more than 300 percent more Republicans than Democrats. 


The reports that have come out regarding Arizonans unable to vote are lengthy, clearly not just a few people but hundreds and likely thousands. The Election Integrity Network published a long list compiled from merely 96 people as well as GOP observer attorneys, and what they witnessed was horrific. One voter, who could not find parking quickly due to the long lines, showed up barely after the polls closed and was not allowed to vote, with police escorting him off the property. 

Republicans have started filing election lawsuits over the strange outcome in Arizona, since no one believes that the top Trump-endorsed slate of candidates who were almost all leading in MSM polls lost.  But the left is already ahead of the lawsuits, filing bar complaints against conservative election attorneys. The scary 65 Project, which basically seeks to stamp out conservatives from the practice of law, has been selectively filing ethics complaints against these attorneys. Since state bars are almost all controlled by the left, and many states have mandatory state bars, it’s a no-brainer way to push through an illegal agenda like rubber stamping voter disenfranchisement. 

The 65 Project is all over conservative election attorneys in Arizona. I’m the former Maricopa County Elections attorney, and it’s like a who’s who list of my colleagues in Arizona. Recent state bar complaints have been filed against  Alex Kolodin, Dennis Wilenchik and his son Jack Wilenchik,  Lee Miller, David Spilsbury, Christopher Viskovic and Kurt Olsen, who’s been heavily involved in Arizona litigation including representing Kari Lake. 


Other prominent attorneys around the country who they’ve filed complaints against (in states where there are no mandatory state bars, the complaints get filed with other types of grievance commissions) include Ted Cruz, Jenna Ellis, John Eastman, Joseph DiGenova, Cleta Mitchell of the Election Integrity Network, and numerous Republican attorneys general.

Does anyone really believe that a large number of conservative election attorneys happen to all be corrupt? Of course not. The bar complaints are a horrendous abuse of our justice system. No attorneys dare stand up for those attacked because it then puts a big target on their back. Non-attorneys aren’t aware of how bad the abuses have become because it’s a very technical area with lots of intricate and vague rules. 

For example, the State Bar of Arizona’s Rules of Professional Conduct has a vague, sweeping Ethical Rule 8.4 on Misconduct. You could fit anything you wanted to in here to disbar an attorney. It prohibits “conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation” and “conduct that is prejudicial to the administration of justice.” It’s a cinch for the left and their comrades in the media and running state bars to claim that attorneys suing over election fraud are being “dishonest.” 


These lawyers are the last bulwark standing in the way of massive voter disenfranchisement and suppression, it is imperative not to let them hang out to dry. We learned that lesson here in Maricopa County before in the early 2010s, when the Maricopa County Supervisors came after former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas for teaming up with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio to combat public corruption within offices like the supervisors. Instead of sending the supervisors to prison, the supervisors were able to get Thomas disbarred, and one got himself awarded $3.5 million over the “stress” of being prosecuted. 

In contrast, when Jesse Jackson Jr. did something similar in Chicago — spent tens of thousands of dollars raised for a political campaign on luxury items instead — he went to prison. Maricopa County has replaced Cook County as the most corrupt county in the country.  

The left is so locked into its assertions that there is no massive election fraud that they even ignore the few incidents where Republicans were caught engaging in it. A Republican political operative in North Carolina was prosecuted over testimony that he ran an operation filling out hundreds of ballots for people and forging signatures, but the MSM barely covered it (he died before it went to trial). 


It’s all very strange since even a majority of Democrats believe election problems influenced the election in Arizona. A Rasmussen Reports poll found that a substantial 65% of Democrats believe the problems likely or somewhat likely affected the outcome of the U.S. Senate race in Arizona. This isn’t much different than 71% of all likely voters who believe that. An even higher number of Democrats, 69%, said they agree with Lake that many were deprived of their voting rights on Nov. 8. 

Unfortunately, the left has convinced people that witness testimony no longer counts as “evidence” in election fraud cases, laughing at patriots when anxiety-prone judges find an easy technicality to throw out a case. Witness testimony alone has been used to send people to the death penalty, but the left has overturned jurisprudence here in an unprecedented trampling of our justice system. The left is also threatening to prosecute rural county supervisors who fight back.

If we do not stop the fraud, we will never see a Republican president again and the left will continue toppling red states like dominoes. The RINOs can complain all they want that the Trump-endorsed candidates lost because they were too Trumpian, not because they were targeted with election fraud, but we all know history repeats itself, the left will come for the RINOs next. 


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