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The Emotionalism of the Left

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AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

Those on the left claim they hold their views because they are intellectually superior to those of us on the right. But studies have shown that liberals are more emotional than conservatives. Perhaps this is the real reason for their views. If you look at the positions liberals take on issues, it’s easy to see how their emotions drive them, crowding out logic and facts. 


Liberals support higher taxes and increasing spending because they hope it will provide equal things for all people. They feel bad that not everyone can afford cable TV, new cars, eating out at restaurants, etc. Liberals are less likely to go to church and help the poor, so they assume everyone is like them too, and the government needs to get involved. But they ignore the fact that it doesn’t work. There’s never enough money to go around to pay for everything the liberals want. And the more government gets involved, the more corruption there is. Plus some people don’t want to be helped, they would rather live on the streets doing drugs. 

Liberals support abortion because they feel sorry for women who have to carry a baby to term when they don’t feel like it. They ignore the biological fact that a fetus is a human. Since unborn babies aren’t very conscious of what’s going on, liberals don’t care about their feelings. It’s interesting to see as technology advances how wrong liberals are proving to be here.

Similarly, liberals oppose capital punishment because they feel sorry for the criminals being executed. Never mind that the felons probably cruelly murdered someone. Since the victim is already dead, there is nothing for liberals to feel sorry for there. They ignore the studies which show that capital punishment acts as a deterrent to prevent future crimes. 

The Second Amendment doesn’t matter to those on the left. It’s because they feel sorry for those who murder people using guns. Instead of blaming the murderers, they would rather put blame on the weapons. This ignores the thousands of people who have successfully used guns to defend themselves. If guns were banned, criminals would use knives, bombs, etc. to murder defenseless people.


The environment is another area where the left lets its emotions dominate. They display cute photos of polar bears sitting on shrinking glaciers in order to tear at people’s heartstrings. But the reality is the polar bear population has been increasing. Forcing environmental policies hurts poorer countries that can’t afford it. And the left ignores all the climate scientists who don’t agree that we are in a “climate emergency.” They aren’t convinced that man is causing global warming. 

The left prefers government-run public schools over private schools and homeschooling. This is because they want their viewpoints imposed on our children. They are so intent on indoctrinating our children that they ignore the fact that private schools and homeschools generally have superior results. 

The LGBT agenda is promoted by liberals because the Bible teaches that kind of a lifestyle is immoral. Liberals take a knee-jerk stance against morality issues in the Bible because they have a guilty conscience; they don’t want to be reminded. By stamping out the Christian viewpoint on the LGBT lifestyle, they can go about their lives without feeling guilty. Conservatives, on the other hand, believe in treating everyone as equals, not promoting one type of person over another. They also believe in maximizing freedom, which means people should be able to make decisions in accordance with their conscientious religious beliefs. Liberals ignore the fact that their position is eroding the First Amendment’s guarantee of religious liberty and starting down a slippery slope of attacking Christians. 


Similarly, liberals dislike Israel because Jews are too closely associated with Christians. Siding with the Palestinian Muslims is preferable because the radical elements of the Islamic religion are not friendly to Christians. 

The left supports affirmative action because it appeases their guilty conscience about slavery. A lot of slaveholders lived in the South, where the Democrats dominated. But studies have shown that artificially promoting someone beyond their ability doesn’t work, they end up failing. Minority students are accepted into top colleges where they often end up flunking out, or the professors inflate their grades. Conservatives would rather treat everyone equally; colorblind. 

Reducing the size of the military is a goal of the left. They naively think that warring countries are just misunderstood, it’s simply a matter of a different culture and we should stay out of it. But the reality is sometimes these countries attack us, and we need the military strength to protect ourselves. World War II is a classic example. The Japanese attacked us, so we needed a strong military to fight back. It was also a noble thing to defeat Germany to stop the Holocaust.  

The left points to their higher percentage of advanced degrees as evidence they are smarter than the right. But maybe that’s evidence they aren’t as smart as the right. They tend to get those degrees in areas like women’s studies, ethnic studies and sexuality — areas that don’t pay well. Conservatives are more likely to go to trade schools and learn a practical skill that will pay the bills. Bernie Sanders, the Democrats’ shining star currently running for president, lived off of welfare for awhile in 1974, 10 years after he had obtained a college degree in political science. He bragged about how he stole electricity from his landlord. How smart is that? 


I currently have a left-wing friend who ignores me for months at a time because he gets so mad at me during our political debates. I’ve never done the same to him. Like others on the left, he is ruled by his emotions.

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