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The mainstream media is getting rather excited about gas prices. They are shrieking that prices are heading towards $4 a gallon. I've had some experience of that. When I moved to America about 8 years ago gas prices were also heading towards $4. Not one of the mainstream media outlets have reported that gas prices are now going to be basically unchanged in almost 10 years. And they will not tell you that any spike in gas prices caused by summer driving and Iran and Venezuela discovering state run dictatorships don't run very productive oil companies.


But they will also never tell you that any recent price spike will undoubtedly be temporary because for the first time in history America is a major oil producer with so many wells that domestic producers can fill in any supply gaps left by the zealots in Iran or Venezuela. And they certainly won't tell  you that there are so many top producing in wells in America because of fracking. 

There are so many things they won’t tell you - I could do a long, long list. But, here are the top five truths the media won’t tell you about fracking.

1. It really is an example of Russian interference

The Russians really hate fracking. Almost 85 percent of the Russian budget is dependent on oil and gas sales. Russian gas keeps the Europeans warm in the winter - threatening to turn off the gas is another way of exerting their influence in the region.

Fracking and the collapse in Natural Gas prices is an existential crisis to Putin and his ability  to stay in power. That's why he is funding the anti-fracking protests. Think I'm making this up? Well that’s what former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told a closed door meeting in Canada. The speech was later revealed in the Podesta emails leaked before the last election. In the meeting Clinton said she was an environmentalist but the anti-fracking protests were from “phony environmental groups....funded by Russians.” 


1. Fracking is older than Hillary Clinton

The media love to portray fracking as some kind of scary new chemical thing  pushed by rapacious Texans. Well the first oil well to be fracked was in 1947 in Kansas. Hillary Clinton was born in the same year. In 2008 they discover a better way to frack leading to unprecedented success. In 2008 Hillary Clinton tried to reinvent herself also with less success.

3Fracking does not make your water light on fire

This lie was popularized by filmmaker Josh Fox in his HBO, and possibly Russia funded, documentary Gasland. In it Fox shows a man who can light his tap water on fire, supposedly because of fracking.

Journalists reported this with mock shock pretending they had never learned how to Google. If they had Googled “flammable water” they would see that it is, and always has been, common across the United States, particularly in places where you can also later drill for natural gas. If there is a lot of gas in an area then sometimes it comes up naturally – sometimes through the water supply – often before fracking ever starts in an area. And the most outrageous fact about this that the media will never tell you is that Josh Fox knows this. When I questioned him he admitted he knew there were reports of people lighting their water on fires back in the 1920s but he chose not to put this pertinent fact in his documentary because it was “not relevant.”


4. Fracking doesn't cause breast cancer.

This piece of nonsense comes from the Fracking Fake news supremo Josh Fox. In his short film, “The Sky is Pink,” Josh Fox claimed that a spike in breast cancer in Texas was a result of fracking. 

Except when asked about leading cancer researchers all concluded there was no spike. They just did not understand where this allegation came from.

In “FrackNation we interviewed renowned biochemist, Dr. Bruce Ames, about the link between cancer and fracking. Dr. Ames doesn't mince words:

"If people say fracking is causing cancer, then they don't know what they're talking about."

It seems after the furor Fox quietly dropped the claim – he didn't include it in “Gasland 2,” his anti-fracking sequel, but he has never apologized for the fake news scaremongering.

5. Fracking is really popular and may have got Donald Trump elected president

Media report after media report loved to claim that fracking is unpopular or frightens people or in that other headline they love it “Divides Communities.” Well it doesn't. Fracking is very, very popular in communities where it happens. It does face lawsuits sometimes but these are generally from people not living in the area or who do not have mineral rights and therefore are jealous of their neighbors prosperity. Also ever wonder why Donald Trump won Ohio by eight points and Pennsylvania after all the other Republican candidates failed.


Well, it’s the fracking stupid. Fracking had been bringing prosperity to Pennsylvania for a while and had in the past few years started in Ohio. In the last presidential election Hillary Clinton promised to shut down fracking, Donald Trump promised to support it. The media, probably believing their own propaganda, thought this meant more gloom for Trump. In the end it was a binary choice and the voters chose the first pro-Fracking president.

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