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Democrats have never seemed to hold Trump’s intelligence in particularly high esteem. I believe their regard for the Trump campaign team is, shall we say, less enthusiastic. Therefore, I have had a considerably difficult time trying to discern the Democrats repeated, constant, deafening drumbeat of “Russian COLLUSION!” these past two-and-a-half years.


I believe we must accept as a premise that Russia, our century old and greatest foe, managing to subvert our cherished democracy and install a puppet, no, better, Manchurian Candidate, in the White House, would in fact amount to the single greatest coup d’état in the history of world civilization. The ramifications would be dire.  Nothing short of full-scale nuclear war, global pandemic, or a meteor too big for Bruce Willis to stop hurtling towards Earth could be worse.

That’s where I find the Democrats’ Russia fantasy to be a bit incongruous. Surely there must be a system in place to prevent such a catastrophe. And no doubt President Obama and his valiant warriors would be on guard for just such an eventuality. And if so, then how, did Trump and his supposedly inept followers manage to pull off such a feat? What would it take?

Here’s what it would take. Donald Trump (who Democrats seem to believe couldn’t find water if he fell out of a boat) managed to collude with our greatest enemy, to steal the presidency, all the while, somehow, managing to elude the FBI (which we now know was watching him), the CIA (with all of the John Brennan-Trump love), the DIA, the NSA, MI6, and the entire world media. How could Trump pull off such a miraculous and dangerous endeavor. The answer? He didn’t. And Democrats, at the top at least, know it.

Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Jerry Nadler are not inherently stupid people. Schumer in fact is quite intelligent.The truth is, this “Russia, Russia, Russia!!!” was a pretext. A password to get in the door of the exclusive night club, the prelude to the spectacle they had hoped for but didn’t ever materialize.


Think back to the 1990s and the horrid Clinton affair (maybe pun intended, not sure). What was Ken Starr assigned to investigate?  The Whitewater land deal. Where did Whitewater lead to? The Paula Jones suit. Where did Paula Jones lead to?  An intern. Where did the intern lead to?  A disgusting blue dress. Where did the blue dress lead to?  Impeachment, but not back to Whitewater.

The Democrats at the top, Pelosi, Schumer, and Nadler, knew Russia was a red herring. It had to be. Did they really believe that the alphabet soup of our national intelligence missed the collusion all along but Robert Mueller and his team of Trump-hating, pro-Clinton investigators were going to find that elusive trail of breadcrumbs? Of course, they didn’t. But what they did believe is that there was a blue dress, somewhere.

Send Mueller out there with unlimited resources, near limitless power, and a team dedicated to toppling Trump, and they’ll find something. They have to, right?  Anyone with fifty years in the New York City real estate development business must have a skeleton or two in the closet (or perhaps in the foundation of Trump Tower?).

The plan was perfect. The players straight from central casting. Only one thing they didn’t count on: Mueller. The supposed tailor of the blue dress did the one thing no one expected. The former Marine did what all good military men do. He stayed in his lane. He was hired to look for Russian collusion and boy did he look. But at the end of the day, when $35 million disappeared like dust in the wind, there wasn’t any Russian collusion, and Mueller wasn’t in the garment business. All the treasure spent and promises made of some massive conspiracy and now… nothing. Nothing for the Democrats to point to. The Mueller Report is posted online.   The full unredacted Report sitting at the Justice Department, gathering dust waiting for Jerry Nadler to come read it. No blue dress, no seedy story to tell. No impeachment. Not with a bang but a whimper.


For the next eighteen months, and perhaps six years, we’ll hear “Russia, Russia, Russia” with, hopefully dissipating, regularity.  But what the Democrats are really shouting is, “Where’s the blue dress?”

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