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In our office on Capitol Hill, we have a graffiti wall that has been there for almost 30 years. One of my favorite benign scribblings is not only humorous, but in a cute way, shows who will ultimately win in this pitiful battle of man vs. God. The little ditty was, “God is Dead . . . Nietzsche, 1891,” followed by . . . “Nietzsche is dead . . . God, 1900”. At first blush you laugh, but then the reality of what that statement says, should cause true believers to be sad, not only for Nietzsche’s fate but also for those today who share his beliefs.


It is not that they should be forbidden from having these beliefs, or forced to accept any other belief system. But the reality of those who deny the existence of God is that they want to foist that limited view on the rest of the world, and have been successful in several cultures throughout history in perpetuating that very myopic opinion.

There is a wonderful new documentary out, called Expelled, produced by Ben Stein, that looks not only at the conflict between the two views of whether or not God created all we behold, or if it just happened by accident. It looks at the move by the unbelievers to keep the concept and even discussion of a “God possibility” out of the marketplace. The film successfully tracks the history of “godless” nations, their inhumanity to man, and the ultimate failure of their systems while tracing the move to eradicate God from the educational system in the U.S., intimidating professors and scientists who even suggest that creative design is not only possible, but a reality.

As interesting as it is to track the desperation of god-denying apologists, it is more interesting to read their rantings in response to the very simple supposition in the film that creationism should at least be allowed to be discussed as a viable alternative to . . . well . . . to what? It reminds me of the joke where man claims he is God and can do anything God can do and better, so God says, cool, make a man like I did, out of dust.


The arrogant atheist reaches down to grab a handful of dirt and God says, “Uh ah, make your own dirt.”

So where did it begin, and if it was as simple as a big bang, then recreate it. If man really did evolve from an ameba . . . a simple one celled creature, then certainly he should be able to make a man from one today. With all the science, the technology, the internet, and the huge crowd of followers desperate to prove there is no God and that man, in his total stupidity, really thinks he can become one, then prove it. Has anyone seen a perfect man yet . . . besides Jesus of course? How many have come back from the dead, walked the earth for 40 days then ascended into heaven leaving men and women willing to die to keep that truth alive?

These men and women went forth into a godless world where the smallest infraction could find you hanging on a cross for hours until you literally drowned from the fluid rising in your lungs. They would be the weekly entertainment in lion infested arenas, with the cheers of a ruthless, godless crowd, being the last sound they would hear on earth. We have seen brutal dictators who reject God, setting themselves in that lofty position only to exemplify the very opposite characteristics by slaughtering, torturing, dehumanizing and devaluing all life. Yeah, that’s the kind of god we want to follow. And with all that power, none of these self-appointed gods have ever been able to make a flower or a hummingbird.


As though it is a new idea to discuss creationism in the arena of science exploration, and this movie has exposed a truth that has never been discussed, the responses to its release have been amazing. But oddly, the most venomous attacks have been responses to a press release, to the media, which are on “press lists.” It is so cute to see these professional journalists send back, expletive deleted responses ending with, “Take me off your list.” ……..Oooookkkkk. So that means, you, oh brilliant journalist, want to be taken off the key media list that disseminates all the press releases for all the major activities in the country. Yeah, you could be god. Here is a sample of the brilliance of man . . . "Expelled will open wide on the 18th, but mostly in rural and poor neighborhoods. It’s got just one theater in all of New York City, in Times Square, none in places like Beverly Hills or wealthier, better-educated urban neighborhoods where more "evolved" people might live.”

Wow, that statement, in a review of the film, is a perfect illustration as to the dangers of the very elitist, arrogant supposition that man slithered out from under a rock, sans divine coercion. A person who thinks they are god sees everything through a prism of shifting absolutes and a sense of superiority over those he does not know, and what he can not see. To suggest that people in Beverly Hills, New York City, Times Square, etc. are better educated and more “evolved” is a perfect illustration of what the movie Expelled is trying to say.


The great thing about this discussion, is the blatant hypocrisy when you consider the fact that this film is being vilified by the very open-minded left, who will argue to the death that alternative lifestyles should be celebrated, embraced and encouraged. Yet the alternative lifestyle of believing in a creator, who made each of us in His own image, is not only reviled and marginalized, but those who express this belief are condemned as not being smart enough to even engage in the discussion. We are the inner-city ideologies, while the brilliant bourgeoisie live in Beverly Hills and New York City.

The polemics of the discussion of the theory of evolution versus creative design, is that it is so reminiscent of the flat earth society where any discussion of the possibility of a rounder playing field was met with not only similar elitist derision, but certain death. I guess it is a good thing that these poor “journalists” took up that profession and not that of bloody dictator otherwise, poor Ben Stein might not be with us much longer. And that would be a shame because not only is he funny, brilliant, talented and creative . . . he is right. And arguing against truth will not alter that fact that it is. Sorry Nietzsche.

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