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Iran and North Korea Working Together on Nukes

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North Korea- Iran: A Japanese news outlet has reported that Iranian scientists were likely present when North Korea conducted nuclear test on 12 February, according to an unidentified Western source.


The source reported that last November Iranian authorities approved a proposal to ask North Korea for permission to observe and paid for it in Chinese Yuan.

Comment: This information has not been corroborated by other sources, but North Korea lacks the ability to execute a series of tests and launches, which it has threatened, without outside financing. Iranian scientists have been reported to be present at most, if not all, North Korean nuclear tests and missile launches.

If this information is accurate, then the North Korean nuclear bomb should also be considered the Iranian bomb.

India: For the record. The Times of India reported, the Indian Air Force will conduct its first ever day-night exercise and will display its full combat capability during exercise "Iron Fist." The training will be held at the Pokhran firing ranges in Western Sector in Rajasthan on 22 February.

"Work at the new air strip on Pokhran range is operationally ready for this mega event which would be witnessed by President Pranab Mukherjee, Defence Minister A. K. Antony," plus foreign air and defense attaches, defense spokesperson S. D. Goswami said.

Comment: Work-ups began more than a week ago and major rehearsals are taking place this week. More than 100 aircraft will participate. This firepower demonstration is for Pakistan's benefit as much as for India's.


Pakistan: Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaurdhy took suo moto notice of the incessant violence against the ethnic Hazara Shiite community in Quetta on Monday.

Attorney General Pakistan and Advocate General Baluchistan were summoned to the Supreme Court for a hearing on Tuesday, 19 February. The Hazaras want the government to enforce restrictions on militant organizations, such as the Lashkar e Jhangvi, and want the Army to take control of the city of Quetta.

Comment: The Court will be investigating evidence of official involvement, deliberate or negligent, in the breakdown of public safely in Quetta.

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