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There should always be a red light to Islamic intolerance.

The Left want us to believe that no difference exists between Islam and Christianity; Islam and Judaism; that all religions have their extremists.


But this is politically-correct nonsense.

The difference between Judaism and Islam is the difference between Tel Aviv and the Gaza Strip. It’s the difference between symphony orchestras and improvised explosive devices. Not to mention the Jewish roots of America. A visit to the great city of Philadelphia and an inspection of the Liberty Bell reveals its engraved words to be from the Torah.

Compare the moral development and amount of liberty in Jude-Christian societies with Koran-based societies. Which Koran-based society has shown anywhere near the amount of humaneness or democracy that these societies have displayed?

There are, of course, hundreds of millions of peaceful Muslims. But this does not mean Islam is a religion of peace. It simply means that these people are not following their religion with strict adherence to the strictures presented in the Koran and Sura.

To understand Islam, we must first read the entire Koran. Only then can we realize what drives it, any why it is anything but a religion of peace. Instead, it is a religion preaching total dominance that can only be achieved by barbaric violence, and is inflexible on the destruction of all that stands in its way.


Instead of a serious exploration of this subject, the mainstream media repeatedly implies that even asking tough questions of Islam betrays ignorance, intolerance, bigotry, and xenophobia. As a result, media coverage reads more like puffery than journalism. By screaming “racist” rather than allowing debate, our academics and talking heads deafened us to the warnings until it was too late. The denial, the racism of the anti-racists, must end.

While it has not yet been, radical Islam should be the great uniting force of Christians, gays, Republicans and Democrats- everyone. But this can only happen if the global elites stop running their protection racket for Islamists, and their mutual objective of a weakened America is no longer on the table.

The Left believe in socialism, feminism, environmentalism, scientism, Marxism, secularism, and due to this aforementioned mutual objective, they turn a blind eye to Islamism. Not to mention they can kill us, but we can’t hurt their feelings.

With these beliefs, a kulturkampf stirs beneath the Union, which will determine the state of the Union.

Mahatma Ghandi once said, "Non-cooperation with evil is as much a duty as cooperation with good."


We spend too much time protecting the culture of those that join our countries. Far too little defending the culture they have chosen to join.

We cannot cave to cavemen. Patriots must win this fight. No less than America is at stake.

Nick Adams is an Australian best-selling author, speaker and political commentator. He is best known for his work in the field of American exceptionalism, and is credited with a resurgence in the idea worldwide. He is a regular on Fox News, C-SPAN and nationally-syndicated radio. Adams has received several state awards, being appointed an Honorary Texan by Governor Rick Perry in 2013. He is the author of the book: The American Boomerang (2014). His website is

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