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President Obama has finally delivered on one promise.


In granting five million illegal immigrants amnesty, President Obama changed the country. To use his words, he has “fundamentally transformed” America.


The president's decision will lead to more illegal immigration, not less.

That’s what happens.

As soon as people know you’re a soft touch, they take advantage. We saw it happen in Australia. The moment tough love was administered, the people stopped.

Here’s what a real leader would do. He would say- “We will determine who comes into this country, and the circumstances under which they come. If you come to America illegally, you will never ever get to stay. You will never be an American. We will send you home. Period.” Then prospective illegals will know that they will have risked plenty and spent a lot for zero result.

This bad policy will only put more people at risk. Hundreds die crossing the border every day.

But let’s leave all that aside for the moment. Let’s talk about the change coming to America.

The President changed America because he just added five million people, and the prospect of millions more.

Will these people change the country? Will the American people become different?

No one dare speak of it, not even Republicans, for fear of being branded a racist. But it must be said.

Most people who are obsessed about America are fascinated by the physical: the cars, the movies, the cities, the landmarks, the sports and the landscape. I love all of those. But what captures me most is the people.

Any one that visits America knows Americans are the friendliest, kindest, most hospitable, most generous, most courteous and helpful people in the world.

If I were to run out of gas in the middle of the night, I would feel more confident knocking on the door of an American home than one in any other country I know- including my own.


But I think this will change.

The people that are here illegally, and those that will come as America’s illegal alien population continues to grow, will eventually change the American character. They already see that their illegal activity bears fruit.

Many of them come from cruder cultures and foreign traditions that are less hospitable, less tolerant, less caring, less generous and less helpful. It might not be politically correct to say it, but it’s true.

Americans must also consider the democratic implications of President Obama’s amnesty offer. In 2000, George W. Bush won the election by just 537 votes in Florida. Millions of voters will change not just the culture, but also politics. Some may say it sounds conspiratorial, but I do not, for one second, believe that election arithmetic did not factor in this partisan President’s decision.

Populations are on the move. Western countries’ borders are under attack everywhere. Time for honesty from the Left: how many millions do we really want, and how will they change this country?

It’s also time for the President and Congress to secure the border, followed by meaningful reforms.

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