I Pledge God

Posted: Feb 12, 2009 8:38 PM

It's quite apparent that it is only during national election campaigns when you'll find politicians jockeying for recognition as devout Christians. Even liberal-left politicos will invoke the name of Jesus Christ in order to garner the votes of practicing Christians. In reality many of those politicians, who applaud the passing of laws enabling more abortions or other less-than-Christian activities, try to pull the wool over the eyes of Christians.

While many Americans are growing more and more weary of what they are witnessing in their nation, they find it difficult to articulate their desperation without mentioning the name of the Lord. It is at that point they are open to the ridicule of the liberal-left -- even moderate -- establishment.

For too long American leaders and activists have been trying to suppress cultural symptoms without addressing the real cause -- our culture's view of God. It's like patching cracks in the walls of a house while ignoring an unstable foundation. The cracks will continue to appear and spread unless the foundation is repaired.

Brad Bright, head of "I Pledge God" (http://www.ipledgegod.com) believes that the only way to bring about real change in culture is to change society's view of God. This is why he and his associates are asking people to take the PLEDGE to make God the issue in their own lives and their communities.

Bright points to something his father said: "We can trace all our human problems to our view of God." Brad believes this is not only true on the individual level, but on the societal level as well.

"Our view of God is what shapes and informs our world view and our behavior. It is an issue of cause and effect," wrote Bright.

"As I look back on my life, I have only great joy, gratitude, thanksgiving and excitement over what God has done. The Bright Media Foundation is the vehicle we can now use to continue our commitment to Christ and the fulfillment of His Great Commission."

And Bright's "I Pledge God" campaign is an important part of his commitment to Christ and spreading the Good News of God's word.

According to Bright, the major thrust of his ministry is to help develop spiritual world changers, who will be constantly motivating, encouraging, inspiring and training millions of Americans and nationals around the world.

His foremost intention to provide people the ability to spread the message, so Bright, working with TCV Media, included easy-to-use "widgets" that can be included on web sites and blogs.

"We wanted it easy for people to make their pledge, so we designed it so all the main content could fit on one page. We wanted immediate participation, so we implemented an administrative approach that would allow comments to be posted immediately and then moderated both by the community of visitors on the site and also by a team of administrators."

"We also wanted to have the site keep a "family resemblance" with their other online properties, so we used some consistent elements while giving the site its own identity," he added.