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AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Health care has always been a top issue for voters in midterm and presidential elections. But in 2020, health care is actually rated as the most important.


Because in 2020, Americans know we may be voting on health care for the last time.


If, God forbid, the radical left were ever to enact their vision for government-controlled health care, Americans wouldn’t even be able to vote on health care again because private health insurance would be permanently eliminated, forcing 176 million of us into a government-run monopoly.

While some may equivocate by advocating a time-delayed release of socialized medicine, the Democrats running for President do not differ on their fundamentally radical ideology, inspired by self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders:

“Well, as somebody who wrote the damn bill, as I said, let's be clear. Under the Medicare for all bill that I wrote, premiums are gone. Co-payments are gone. Deductibles are gone. All out-of-pocket expenses are gone.”

And just like that, health care is gone, too, because socialized medicine is not a pipedream but a nightmare — it would make waiting in line at the DMV seem like a Disney FastPass.

Just ask Canadians with pre-existing conditions who voted to implement their own version of “Medicare for All” — only to enjoy epic wait-times, with over 1 million patients stuck waiting for care in 2017, forfeiting not only their health, but also billions of (Canadian) dollars in lost wages. And for those lucky enough to score appointments, lack of patient safety safeguards has resulted in the frequency of debilitating medical errors reaching “epidemic levels.”


You could also talk to UK voters who also were promised a National Health Service, only to receive no service — rejected procedures deemed “non-urgent” by a faceless cabal who also deny experimental treatments to the terminally ill. Due to deadly, denied, and delayed care, UK death rates are four times higher than the U.S., reaching seven times higher for the most vulnerable

Our own Uncle Sam is no MD, either. Yet for decades, health care lobbying has consistently run into the billions of dollars, resulting in Obamacare’s test-run in government-controlled healthcare, a patchwork quilt of special interest giveaways that crashed the American health care system just as its $6 billion website foreshadowed.

Remember when the VA refused to fire medical professionals who were guilty of injuring or even killing patients, while also forcing veterans to wait months for appointments and treatments? Or when the FDA insisted on making life-and-death decisions for patients, then waiting sometimes 15 years to approve certain medications while denying access to experimental treatments for the terminally ill?

When the government runs health care, patients lose. We elected President Trump in 2016, and will again in 2020, because no one has fought harder than he to unrig the medical establishment’s vise-grip over government agencies and people’s lives. President Trump has gotten rid of more than 7,600 VA employees who were mistreating our heroes. Veterans are now able to skip the lines at VA hospitals and use their benefits to receive treatment elsewhere. The FDA is safely and effectively cutting the drug approval process time in half, approving historic levels of low-cost generic drugs, while also giving the Right to Try to those who do not have the luxury of time to wait.


Americans may be divided on many political issues, but we are virtually united in our low opinion of Congress, which is run by all-talk, no-action politicians who pursue resistance rather than results.

Why would we hand over the power over our life-and-death decisions to the same Do-Nothing Democrats who couldn’t even manage to provide health care to our veterans?

Not on our lives.

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