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President Trump Is Saving Medicare — and Healthcare — For All

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Few can forget the graphic television advertisement from the 2012 presidential election, in which a Paul Ryan look-alike tossed “Granny Off the Cliff” while the announcer quips, “Is America Beautiful without Medicare?”

Well, just two presidential election cycles later, “Medicare for All” really is threatening to push Granny off the cliff. And America’s seniors are demanding answers.

For decades, citizens have feared losing Medicare. Why? Because America’s seniors have endured half a century of the same all-talk, no-action politicians promising results and delivering consequences.

Consider this:

For 45 years, today’s retirees have witnessed their family and friends who wear the uniform of our Armed Forces injured on the front lines only to return home to wait in line — surviving enemy fire to later be victimized by VA personnel who could not be fired for incompetence or even sadism. Although these veterans fought for their country, their country returned the favor by fighting against them — refusing VA choice, accountability, and whistleblower protection and protecting their own, not their best.

For 44 years, our seniors buried the terminally ill who were denied by their “representatives” the Right to Try potentially life-saving treatments. 

And in recent years, these same citizens watched their loved ones with pre-existing conditions suffer the catastrophe of Obamacare — a gateway drug to universal healthcare that delivered skyrocketing premiums, crushing penalties, and dangerous wait-times. From medical mistakes, this country suffers over five times the number of casualties we suffered in the Vietnam War — every year. From opioids, senior citizens have stood at the graves of their children and grandchildren whose painkillers did not kill their pain — but killed them.

In less than three years, however, President Trump has delivered what a lifetime of election cycles and career politicians couldn’t — and he did it just in time to stop the radical Democrats from not just gutting Medicare, but giving it away as “a universal human right” to clear a "path to healthcare for all Americans” — while dumping Granny off a cliff to make room for illegal immigrants.

So long as Donald Trump is president, no one is going to be pushed around. Unlike the Do-Nothing Democrats, this president does not respond to the power of the purse because he is returning power to the people.

To stop the politicization of healthcare and accelerate personalization, President Trump recently signed an Executive Order on Protecting and Improving Medicare for Our Nation’s Seniors, which protects seniors from a hostile takeover of their healthcare while empowering them to take back control of their own medical decisions.

“We have to reject the socialist model that rations care, restricts access, slashes quality, and forces patients onto endless waitlists,” the president declared. “Instead, we believe in freedom. We believe in choice. We believe in the highest standard of care in the world.” 

In addition to protecting patients from the pillagers intent on turning “Medicare for All” into medical care for none, President Trump is fighting to:

  • Exponentially and sustainably improve Medicare by providing more choices with additional plans, allowing patients more quality time with their doctors during appointments.
  • Streamline the approval process for life-saving and rehabilitative treatments.
  • Reduce regulations and increase transparency while establishing a firm link between payment and value.
  • Eliminate billions of dollars in waste, fraud, and abuse.

As every American knows, healthcare is not about rhetoric, but results. It’s not about universally insuring, but individually ensuring the right to the highest quality of care delivered under budget and ahead of schedule.

Forgotten for decades, America’s seniors and their families are now enjoying the record-setting results the President is delivering by reforming bloated government-run programs and reshaping them into patient-first healthcare.

Do-Nothing Democrats may savor slogans, but President Trump is saving lives by saving Medicare — and healthcare — for all.

Natalie Harp is an entrepreneur and Advisory Board member for Donald J. Trump for President.

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