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Two Sets of Rules For Obamacare – The Ruling Class vs. the Serfs

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It’s official, the United States has a Ruling Class and it is no longer being hidden or denied.  Obama and the Congress have just decided that they don’t want to play by the same rules as the rest of us. Big surprise that the Office of Personnel Management, under pressure from Capitol Hill and Obama, has said that they will issue a ruling that states government can keep making contributions to the health care premiums of members of Congress and their aides.  In other words, “we” the “serfs” will be paying for Congress and their staff to keep their “Cadillac health plans” and subsidies while we, the hard-working taxpayer lose ours or face enormous premium hikes.


Here is another example of how this administration and Congress randomly decide which laws they like and which ones they don’t. For those of us paying attention we remember that Sen. Chuck Grassley, (R-Iowa) added a clause into the original text of the Affordable Care Act that said members of Congress and their aides MUST be covered by plans created by the law or offered through an exchange.

Before Obamacare, Congress and their staff were covered by a health care plan that was considered “golden”.  This was being paid for by the taxpayers.  Under Obamacare and Grassley’s provision, Congress and staff would be subject to the exact same treatment as the rest of us. In other words, if government payments stopped, lawmakers and their aides would have been looking at thousands of dollars in additional premium payments.  (Just like the rest of us.)  Before Obamacare, the government contributed almost 75% to their premium payments.

When they finally got around to “finding out what was in the bill”, Capitol Hill started wringing their hands and hyperventilating.  With Grassley’s provision in there, that would mean that, gasp, they would have to live by the same rules as the rest of and they just could not let that happen.


All sorts of complaints were being made. For instance, “staffers don’t make enough money to pay those premiums”; or “they will look for more lucrative jobs” in order to afford them.  Really?  How about the rest of the American people out there?  Do you think that they can afford higher premiums on the part-time work that they now will be forced into because of employer cut-backs?  The best line came from Nancy Pelosi who said that if Congress lost these Capitol Hill workers, a “tremendous intellectual resource” would be lost.  You just have to shake your head in disbelief.

Congress is not the only one in the Ruling Class crying foul.  Just last week, IRS Chief, Daniel Werfel stated in no uncertain terms that he wanted to keep his health care and didn’t want any part of Obamacare.  That also went for the rest of the IRS.  The unions began making noise a few weeks ago and I will bet you dollars to donuts they will get their wishes granted by King Obama.

This just proves the hypocrisy of Washington and it is why the American people are at the breaking point.  We did not elect these people to make up their own rules as they see fit; to change the laws to benefit them and not us.  We also didn’t elect the President to sign executive orders to get his way just because Congress didn’t agree with him.


When will this madness stop?  Just when you think they can’t stick it to you again….they do.  How much will we take before it’s time for another revolution?

Morgan Brittany


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