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Boston Terrorists Now Bomb the Taxpayers

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Did the people of Massachusetts inadvertently fund the terrorists and pay for the ingredients that went into making the bombs on April 15th?  That very well could be the case since it is now being reported that the Tsarnaev brothers, or at least one of them was drawing taxpayer funded state welfare benefits.  It is ridiculous to think that hard earned tax dollars were paid out in welfare benefits to these radical Islamic terrorists.  State officials are confirming that the older brother (who by the way, stayed at home while his wife worked), along with his wife and child were receiving state benefits along with his parents.  They were also apparently receiving money when the brothers were younger.


So, let me get this straight.  We paid for a family of non-citizens to live in our country for years, go to our schools and have all the advantages of a wonderful free society so that they could become radicalized and kill us?  That is taking the bread of the taxpayer’s mouth and spitting it in his face.  Does it make your blood boil?  It should.

The older brother Tamerlan, dove into radical Islam back in 2008.  So that makes almost six years that taxpayers subsidized him if he was drawing benefits during that time.  Martin Richard was just a toddler at that time, and all of the other victims who lost their lives or limbs had no idea that tragedy would reach out and grab them a few years later.  How many of the victims like the MIT cop Sean Collier, paid hard earned tax dollars that went into the pockets of these two radical Muslim terrorists in order to maim or kill them in the future?  It is sickening.  How many more are out there right now on the government dole waiting for the right moment to strike again?

It’s not over yet. Now that the surviving brother has been read his Miranda rights and a decision has been made to try him as a civilian instead of an enemy combatant, taxpayer money will now go to his legal costs. Not to mention the tax money that will go to pay the city of Boston for the cost of the pursuit and capture of these guys.   The losses just from the shutdown of the city alone could run into the billions of dollars.  Lost revenue from businesses, first responders, property damage; I could go on and on.


The trial of Timothy McVeigh cost the taxpayers $13.8 million dollars back in 2001.  Can you imagine the cost today with the amount of defense and security costs?  And if he doesn’t receive the death penalty, tax money will be going to pay for his “room and board” in prison for decades.  He IS only 19.

The consequences of actions done by these two individuals are mind-boggling when you lay them out.  The worst are the deaths and injuries, and the scars that will forever be deep within the hearts and minds of the victims. Imagine coming to grips with all that Boston has had to deal with and then get smacked in the face with the fact that their tax money went to these guys and will continue to go to the brother’s defense for God knows how long.

Every terrorist whether foreign or domestic probably looks at this event with satisfaction that with just two men and a couple of $100 bombs they could cause such physical, mental and financial chaos.  But that’s their goal isn’t it?

Morgan Brittany

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