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The election is over and it is what it is.  President Obama has won the hard fought fight and his wish for a second term has come true.  The granting of that wish however, may be a curse in disguise.  He won’t be inaugurated until January, but just a few weeks after the election the crises are lining up.


Here are just some of the fires he needs put out or at least contain.

1.     The absolute meltdown in the Middle East.  Ever since the Arab Spring turned into a cold harsh winter, things have been deteriorating at a rapid pace.  All of Obama’s boasts of Al-Qaeda being decimated are patently false. One by one the countries in the Middle East are being led by Islamic extremists like the Muslim Brotherhood or Al-Qaeda, and they are becoming more and more powerful, planning attacks such as the one that occurred on 9/11 of this year.  With the takedown of Mubarak in Egypt and Gaddafi in Libya, we are now dealing with forces that we don’t know. With the former leaders in place, at least we were keeping our enemies “close” and knew their history.  Now we are dealing with surprises at every turn.  If Obama stays with his timeline of closing down in Afghanistan, it will just be a matter of time before the Taliban takes hold and our efforts will have been for nothing.

2.     Crisis in Israel.  Israel is not going to wait for Obama to decide whose side he is on.  The attacks have begun, and it looks like Israel is on its own.  Netanyahu has drawn the line in the sand and he is not bluffing.  He realizes that his country has got to show strength against the attacks from the Palestinians and this looks to be just the beginning.  With Iran only a few months away from a nuclear weapon, Netanyahu cannot wait like Obama and sit on his hands.  Obama is going to have to make a commitment, which is something that he just doesn’t want to do.  He will either stand with Israel or stand with the Muslim world.  It seems to be a difficult decision for him to make.


3.     The shrinking workforce and rising unemployment.  The unemployment rate is creeping up once again and the weekly number of claims is rising.  With the fear of tax increases, more and more companies are laying people off or cutting their employees to part time.  More and more people are in poverty and food stamps are at their highest level ever.

4.     The Fiscal Cliff.  Tick tock.  With only a few weeks left before an avalanche of taxes descend upon us, Obama must show some sort of leadership with Congress.  If he leaves everything up to them, nothing will get done.  Unfortunately, I believe that the President feels he can bully the Republicans into agreeing with his tax hikes without any entitlement cuts, but he may be sadly mistaken when members dig in their heels on both sides.  As much as he wishes he did, he has no mandate.  Once again, the people voted for a divided government and the stalemate continues.

5.     Higher prices/inflationThe latest numbers show that prices are rising.  Not only did we see a jump in gas prices that took some states to all-time highs, but food prices are rising almost daily.  Higher rent, clothes and airline fares also showed a jump.  With the drought, consumers can expect higher prices for everything coming down the pike.  That, along with higher taxes will more than likely plunge the country back into recession.


6.     Euro Zone falling back into recession.  Most of the Euro Zone countries are experiencing another recession.  With austerity measures and chaos in countries like Greece, there seems to be no answer.  Obama will have to deal with the European crisis as well as trying to avoid a double dip recession here.

7.     The Benghazi Scandal.  Time will tell whether the White House was involved in changing the wording of the intelligence report that it was given following the attack and murder of Americans in Benghazi.  If indeed it does lead to the top, then there will be major consequences for this administration.  If the misleading of the American people week after week is found to have been to further political gain then all bets are off.  We could have another Watergate on our hands that is elevated to an even higher level because of the deaths involved.

These are just some of the issues that Obama has to deal with.  I’ve left out the crushing debt we are incurring, the entitlements that are imploding and the issue of a starkly divided country.

In the next four years the President better take a different direction than he did in the last four.  He begged us to give him a “do-over” so that could fix the problems that he just never quite got a handle on.  Well, he got his wish.

I personally think he thought the job as leader of the free world would be a lot simpler than it actually is.  He had never really been challenged in his life. Things came to him easily and like Christi Parsons of the Chicago Tribune told him at the press conference said last week, “I’ve never seen you lose”.


So for Barak Obama the time has come to step up to the plate and tackle these issues.  We as a nation cannot afford four more years of the same policies.  He will have to change whether he likes it or not and he will have to remember…”Be careful what you wish for….you just might get it.”

Morgan Brittany Politichicks.tv @MorganBrittany4

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