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Every political season seems to be dirty, with mud-slinging coming from both sides.  This year however, seems to be particularly ugly.  After watching the DNC this past week, I actually felt like I had gone 15 rounds with Mike Tyson!  Every speaker that took the stage had one agenda and one goal; seek and destroy Romney and the Republican Party.  There was virtually no mention of what accomplishments had been made by the party in power over the last 3 ½ years except for Joe Biden’s theatrical bluster that “Osama Bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive!”  That was it.  They had no choice but to trot out Bill Clinton to explain why Obama had been such a failure.  They needed the face of someone who had not been a complete disaster.  There was no mention of how we were going to get out of the colossal mess that is burying our country.

Speaker after speaker came to the podium and hammered away at the Republicans.  That is to be expected, but it was a vast contrast to what I saw at the RNC just a week ago.  The Democrats who took the stage, from Elizabeth Warren with her socialist rant, to Sandra Fluke, (why was she there)? Jennifer Granholm who went totally off the rails and of course the Hollywood contingency who “acted” their anger and hate for a cheering crowd.  You could almost see the spittle spewing from their mouths they were filled with such venom and hate. A pinnacle was reached when a woman actually made a threat to kill Romney that was captured on tape!  Michelle Obama, to her credit, seemed to be the only one who at least seemed civilized.

I was actually appalled when Antonio Villaraigosa took the voice vote from the floor about adding God and Jerusalem back into the platform.  The camera shots of the angry crowd screaming their “no’s!” took me by surprise.  Wow!  To be this angry at God seemed ill placed. 

Ok, I thought after it was all over, this is going to wake the American people up and they will turn away from the harshness that they had seen.   On Friday morning the jobs report came out and it was dismal.  Close to 400K people had dropped out of the work force and the 96,000 jobs added was a drop in the bucket compared to what we need.  Here I thought was another nail in the coffin for Obama’s re-election.  Then over the weekend, the polls showed Obama gaining in popularity.  As of 9/9, he was up 49% to Romneys 45% and the consumer confidence index had shot up 3 points! How could this be?  The economy is in the tank and getting worse and people don’t see it?  Was this just a bounce from the convention or was it something that I don’t want to admit?  Could it be that we have reached that magic “tipping point” where there are more takers than givers?  Could the voters be more concerned with entitlements and social issues than the survival of their country?

The Democrats know what works on the people.  They know that they need to demonize the Republicans as the “rich” guys who will take away all of their benefits.  They need to make people believe that Romney never paid taxes and stole and cheated his way to the top.  They want women to believe that they won’t be allowed to vote anymore, won’t have access to birth control and will be denied medical care.  These were the things that we heard from the stage at the DNC!  According to them, all benefits will either be taken away or diminished if Romney gets elected, so those 49% of people who get a government check are scared that they will lose the golden goose.  As Joe Biden put it, “They’re gonna put y’all back in chains!”  They want that hate and anger so ingrained in the voters that they are chomping at the bit to vote for Obama against these vile, selfish Republicans. Since they have no answers on how to fix the problem, the only thing left is to fire up the mob, bring out the torches and run the Republicans out of town.

As frightening as this is, it may work.  In fact, according to the latest polls, it IS working.  They play the race card, class warfare, war on women and mark my words, religion is next.  You can be sure that sometime over the next 50 days or so, Romney’s Mormon faith will be the subject of a network special talking about cults.  I’m just waiting.  They want to plant fear in the minds of the Evangelicals to keep them from going to the polls.

Anger and hate are all they’ve got on the left.  They are tired of being stymied by the Tea Party and the Conservatives so now it is all out war.  We are like a nasty little rash that they just can’t seem to cure.  Their policies have been tried and they have failed, but they seem to have blinders on and don’t waver from their objective.  Whatever it takes, whoever it destroys, they need to stay in power to finish their makeover of America. 

I want to give the American people more credit, but my heart sinks when I see so many of them drinking the Kool-aid and buying into the lies and distortions.  When the question is asked to DNC convention goers as to whether or not corporate profits should be banned, the overwhelming reaction was YES.

Are you worried yet?


Morgan Brittany



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