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Republicans have now lost control of the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives, and here’s the good news. Now is the perfect time to make some big changes to get ready for the next battle. Here are seven things Republicans can and should do right now.


1. Purge the Ranks

While Democrats are purging society in general, Republicans should look inward and dismiss people who are not willing or prepared to stand up and fight. Every single Republican who voted to impeach Trump should face a primary challenger. We need war time Republicans and cannot afford leaders who will buckle at the first sign of criticism from the media or the Twitter mob.

We are not engaged in a battle over moderate tax increases or zoning laws, this is a battle over the soul of the nation. Republicans who don’t grasp this fact should be asked to step aside.

Every time Republicans want to do something, Democrats and the media run to the usual suspects in the GOP. Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, and Susan Collins are bullied into siding with Democrats and it often works. Republicans can no longer afford or tolerate this. If you can’t replace these people in 2022, you need to increase the ranks, making them unnecessary. 

2. Run an Army of Candidates

The GOP needs an army of qualified candidates to run in 2022. Every single Democrat in the Senate and House who are up for reelection must face a challenger. Every Senate and House Republican who might retire must have a replacement candidate, and that’s not all. Republicans must run for governor, mayor, city councilors, school boards, sewer commissions and dog catcher.

The GOP, in partnership with conservative activist organizations should be holding candidate schools across the country, teaching citizens how to run for office and identifying every potential race at the national and local level. We don’t need a red wave, we need a red tsunami. The only way to achieve that is with an unprecedented number of candidates.


Run candidates everywhere, even in places where Republicans don’t typically win. Give the American people a choice.

3. Get Better at Marketing

The GOP is terrible at marketing and this has to change. How is that the Republican Party was founded to end slavery, yet constantly gets accused of racism by Democrats? How are Democrats seen by many as the party of freedom when they are the ones who are constantly trying to take away people’s rights to free speech, defense, and even the ability to earn and keep their own money?

Republicans need to launch a national ad campaign reminding Americans that they are the party of constitutional rights. They also need to stress that all Americans are welcome if they believe in freedom. Republicans are not generally interested in identity politics, and they don’t need to be, but it would not hurt to make it clear that women, minorities, and LGBT citizens have a place in the GOP.

4. Embrace the Working Class

Trump has given the Republican Party an invaluable head start with working class Americans. Democrats used to be the party of the little guy and blue collar working people. In recent years, Democrats have made it clear that they are far more interested in representing wealthy coastal elites while promising crumbs to the poor.

Republicans have to cement their role as defenders of the working class. Joe Biden is already killing jobs because he is beholden to the climate change obsessed left. Republicans must send a loud and clear message to these voters that their jobs will be safe with the GOP in charge.


Small business owners who have been decimated by months of lockdowns must know that Republicans will never let this happen to them ever again.

5. Fight Cancel Culture

Cancel culture is a cancer on American society which must be stopped. It is un-American and even authoritarian for mobs to be able to silence someone for having an unpopular opinion.

Republicans need to come up with a plan to end this practice but in the meantime, must be seen as vocal critics of it.

One hundred or even 10,000 anonymous trolls on social media should not be allowed to rob a person of their ability to express themselves or earn a living.

Republicans must become the champions of individual freedom and the protectors of individual rights.

6. Call Out the Media

The American media does not like Republicans. They are not your friends, in fact, they hate you and want to see you defeated. Accept this fact and act accordingly. If a candidate makes an appearance on CNN or any other outlet known to be hostile to Republicans, they must go into it expecting to be attacked and prepared to fight back.

You can maintain civility while pointing out the facts. The minute you are targeted as someone who spreads conspiracy theories, and you will be, you need to push right back and remind them that they pushed the Russia collusion hoax for four years. When they start asking you about issues like social justice, you must remind them that you are running for the House or Senate and not the president of the UC Berkeley College Democrats.


7. Accept the Voting Process We Have Now

Until Republicans are in power, nothing about our new voting reality is going to change. You have to accept it for now and work within the system.  Beat the Democrats at their own game and watch how quickly they call for voting reforms.

Final Thoughts

No process is perfect, but the time for action is now. Assemble an army of candidates and run them everywhere with a strong message of freedom. Fail to do this, and there will be little left to defend.

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