Good Women Have Abortions

Posted: Oct 28, 2014 12:01 AM

UNCW has long been committed to a philosophy of multiculturalism, which suggests that all truth is relative. (But who knows if that's really true!). It is the kind of worldview that allows us to turn a blind eye to evil simply by denying that evil exists. It also allows us to maximize sexual liberty by renouncing all forms of moral judgment. Unfortunately, two of UNCW’s feminist administrators have veered off the script and become moral crusaders in the name of "reproductive justice" - much to the embarrassment of the hire administration (author's note: that last ms-spelling was intentional as was the sarcasm).

After putting on UNCW name tags to show that they speak for the university, Amy Schlag and Katie Peel decided to pose in public for a photo op in front of a large sign reading "Good Women Have Abortions." The picture, which features the husband and wife couple (they were "married" in Massachusetts) also shows them high-fiving in front of the sign in a show of their mutual support for the killing of innocent children.

Schlag and Peel are familiar names to those who regularly read my column. Schlag is the director of the LGBTQIA Resource Office at UNCW. Peel is the director of the WRC at UNCW. Both expend considerable taxpayer resources celebrating abortion and lobbying for various leftist causes. This isn't the only time they have come out (no pun intended) in actual favor of killing innocent children. They routinely celebrate abortion. They also demand that taxpayers back their decidedly pro-murder position.

On October 22, Schlag and the LGBTQIA Resource Office sponsored a NARAL event on campus. The event was promoted by her office through the use of "Abortion Providers are Heroes" fliers, which were printed at taxpayer expense and posted around campus. The event specifically praised doctors who murdered innocent children in the womb back when it was illegal to do so. And, yes, they actually characterized the dismemberment of innocent children trapped in the womb as an act of heroism. Those are their words, not mine.

The problem is not that taxpayer resources were used to fund this particular event. The problem is that NARAL is getting special treatment that other official student groups are not getting. UNCW has twelve official student political groups. Of those twelve, only one has the official backing of a university office with its own budget line. The group is the NARAL student group. The office is the WRC, which recently announced that it is officially “affiliated” with the NARAL group. Now, Peel's husband, Amy Schlag, is providing additional funding through the LGBTQIA Resource Office.

This isn't the first time Schlag has teamed up with the WRC in an effort to encourage students to get abortions and to later praise the students for doing so. When Schlag was co-director of the WRC she sponsored an event where "I Had an Abortion" tee shirts were sold to students. Yes, you heard that right. UNCW students were actually encouraged to wear tee shirts boasting that they had killed their own children.

Nor is this the first time Schlag has promoted the idea that abortion doctors are heroes. Last year, her office sponsored a film celebrating the life of George Tiller, the slain partial birth abortionist. In Schlag's view, even those who murder fully developed babies are heroes. We are no longer simply withholding moral judgment from these people. We're actually praising their actions as “heroic.”

Like any good wife, Katie Peel is right there with Amy praising the act of murdering helpless children in the womb. In a recent email promoting her favorite student group, Peel called NARAL a "reproductive justice" group. Calling NARAL a reproductive justice group is about as insane as calling NAMBLA a sexual liberation group.

For the record, I did not mean to compare NARAL to NAMBLA. That would not be fair to NAMBLA members who only seek to rape children in order to justify their sexual choices. NARAL members seek to murder children in order to justify their sexual choices. That's even worse.

To put this all in perspective, take a moment to consider the kind of self-loathing it takes to actually believe that "good women have abortions." Do Schlag and Peel really think their mothers are bad people for having them instead of killing them? If so, they need to be sent to counseling centers, not put in charge of diversity centers.

The time has come for our new interim chancellor ( to step in and put an end to all of this taxpayer funded moral inversion. Good interim chancellors abort bad administrative offices. They don't let them to continue to reproduce.