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I'm Telling Your Commie

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Dear JW:

Thanks for writing to me. I also want to take a moment to thank you for sending an email to one of my Marxist bosses urging my censure for a recent column that I wrote. Among other things, you, a self-described liberal, allege that my column was racist. I think there are a few things you should have learned about racism, liberalism, and Marxism before you wrote your email. So today I’m taking time from my regular schedule to educate you. I do so because I’m a teacher. It’s what I get paid to do. Today’s lesson on racism, Marxism and morality comes in three parts. I’ll keep it as direct and relevant as possible. I hope you enjoy it.

Most liberals are racists in the classical sense. You told one of my bosses that I am a racist because I wrote a parable featuring a black character who was a rapist. Alleging that blacks occasionally commit crimes like rape is not racism. Racism is actually a belief in the intellectual inferiority of other races. In this country, it is often a belief held by a white individual and directed at blacks as a group. What you fail to understand is that most of my liberal supervisors and liberal colleagues are racists in the classical sense. I’m not using the term “most” as in 51%. I would estimate the number to be around 90 or 95%. Let me explain.

The overwhelming majority of my colleagues support using race-based affirmative action here at this university. The form of affirmative action they support adds points directly to the SAT scores and GPAs of black students. The reason they support such an add-on-point system for blacks (but not Asians) is pretty simple: they consider blacks (but not Asians) to be intellectually inferior and thus incapable of competing on an even playing field. They may say that SATs are “culturally biased.” But they make no similar claim that GPAs are “culturally biased.” It is just a liberal code phrase that means “too hard for black people.”

I disagree with my colleagues and supervisors. I believe that black/white performance differences would go away within a few years of eliminating affirmative action. I guess, I’m one of the few non-racists working here at the university.

Most liberals support institutional racism. Liberals believe there are other forms of racism besides individual racism. Like individuals, they think institutions can be racist, too. For example, they think the criminal justice system advances “institutional racism.” Their reasoning is that the justice system incarcerates blacks disproportionately. According to them, that is racist even in the absence of individual intent. Unfortunately, they lose the moral high-ground by supporting abortion, which kills 51% of blacks while they are still in the womb.

It really doesn’t make much sense to me when you tell my liberal colleagues I’m a racist. I oppose the one procedure that is responsible for killing over half the black population. They vigorously support it. I think that’s why they are so eager to entertain accusations of racism.

To put things in perspective, there have been more blacks killed in abortion clinics than Jews killed in concentration camps. Maybe that’s why liberals use the term Nazi so often. It helps assuage the guilt as the body count climbs above and beyond human comprehension.

Regardless of the topic, Marxists have no real moral authority. While most of the people I work with are liberal, the specific person to whom you complained is an avowed Marxist. While I might respect Marxists as individuals, I certainly do not respect their views on any given subject. The administrator to whom you complained advocates a Marxist revolution here in America. That’s all I really need to know in order to conclude that her moral advice is essentially meaningless.

Imagine if the aforementioned Marxist were to say “You really shouldn’t be doing that” (in reference to writing my often abrasive column). The obvious rejoinder would be “You really shouldn’t be doing that” (in reference to her advocacy of a Marxist revolution in America). For perspective, stop and look at the following list of 20th Century regimes that committed at least a million murders in the name of utopian Marxism:

China 65 million

USSR 20 million

North Korea 2 million

Cambodia 2 million

Afghanistan 1.5 million

Vietnam 1 million

(Author’s Note: the Marxist feminists are technically in second place with 53 million murders since Roe v. Wade).

If you advance a political philosophy that has killed that many people then you simply have no moral authority whatsoever. I would not even trust a Marxist to give me directions to the grocery store. Why on earth would I hand over my First Amendment rights to someone with such a murderous worldview?

In closing, the First Amendment protects the right to advocate the extermination of millions of black people in name of feminism. It also protects the right to advocate the slaughter of tens of millions in the name of Marxism. Surely it protects my right to pen an abrasive satire some liberals were not Swift enough to understand.

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