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Apology to a Sociology Student

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Dear Dr. Adams:

I just wanted to thank you for making this semester the best I've had yet at UNCW.  I loved not only the content of the class but also your teaching style, which is the most effective that I have sat under as a student.  But most importantly to me, I didn't find myself squirming in my seat, as I have in other classes when certain political comments are made attacking the minority conservative Christian population on our campus.  You are truly the best professor I have had to date, and likely the best I will ever have.  And for that, I wanted to extend my sincere thanks, and ask you to keep doing what you are doing.  I only wish that everyone could have a class with you.

Thank you so much, for everything,

(Name Withheld)

Dear (Name Withheld):

Thank you very much for your kind remarks. I also want to thank you for sending some of your favorite quotes preserved last semester in the notes from your Introduction to Sociology course. I have cut and pasted (below) some of the angry remarks. They are followed by my own (hopefully) humorous rebuttals. As conservatives, we must always respond to liberal anger with humor. I would suggest posting these remarks on www.CampusReform.org to warn other conservatives about what they will encounter in SOC 105:

          “Everybody else (other countries) looks at us (USA) like we all own guns and   still live like ‘the wild west’ with people just always walking around with holsters. I guess so with all those concealed carry permits you can just go get.”

It is extremely important for you to understand why your sociology professor does not support laws allowing for the issuance of concealed weapons permits. These laws have been shown to lower violent crime rates including rape. Sociology professors are aware that there have been many – the exact number is fifteen – refereed studies showing that concealed weapons permits reduce violence towards both men and women. However, feminists (like your sociology professor) committed themselves to a radical Marxist ideology long before these studies were ever published. They did so because Marxism cannot succeed in an armed society.

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When the data began to show that concealed weapons permits protect both men and women from violence she (your professor) had a decision to make: 1) Would she commit herself to protecting women from rape, or 2) Would she commit herself to protecting her ideology from criticism.

She chose the latter. This shows what sociology is and is not. It is a morally bankrupt discipline. It is not a science.

          “I've been trying to get the term "freshman" changed to "first-year".     ‘freshman’ is such a gendered term.”

I believe there should be a new course called SOC 123 “The Sociology of Irrelevance.” This would be followed by an advanced course called SOC 456 “The Irrelevance of Sociology.” That feminist sociologists actually spend class time fighting against the use of terms such as “freshman,” “mankind,” and “manhole” mandates (woman-dates?) only one conclusion: There is nothing of real importance left for the feminist movement to accomplish in this country.

That conclusion is warranted because America is the best place in the world for a woman to live and work. If feminist sociologists wish to become relevant again they should turn their attention to important issues such as the abuse of women in the name of Islam. Unfortunately, most (nearly all) feminists lack the moral courage to do so.

          “The really right-wingers are afraid of ‘losing their country.’ What does that     mean? It means they're afraid of losing the white, Christian, conservative dominance.”

The bigotry of such a statement is very easy to dissect. In the 1960s, Christianity – the religion that was the basis for the abolition of slavery – was, once again, at the forefront of the civil rights movement. The idea that Christianity is somehow intertwined with white dominance can be rebutted effectively with the following observation: Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Christian.

Martin was not Jewish. He was not an atheist. He was not an agnostic. He was a member of the most liberating religion in our world’s history.

          ”It is sad that we subject little boys to running around playing with toy AK-     47's.”

Here, your professor shows her ignorance of firearms. Little boys in America generally run around playing with toy M-16s – the weapon used to combat Marxist regimes. AK-47s are the weapons used to advance her ideology of Marxism. They can be found on Russian playgrounds. They can also be found in the hands of little Muslims all across the world. But those aren’t toys in the hands of Muslim children. They are real. And they are meant to be used to kill Jews. A Jewish professor needs to be aware of these crucial distinctions.

          “Nowhere in the constitution does it say we're capitalist, just democratic.”

Nowhere in the constitution does it say “partial birth abortion” or “homosexual sodomy.” I would urge you to give her a copy of that important document as a “holiday” gift.  

        “(Regarding a picture of her standing in front of the Marx Memorial) - I was      going to send it out as Christmas cards, but I thought it was a bit much.”

I disagree with your professor. I’m giving out NRA memberships this year as Christmas gifts. I want to know who all of my communist friends are. A picture of someone standing in front of a Marx Memorial lets me know she’s a communist and should be given a life membership in the NRA. I can think of no better way to fight communism this Christmas than signing Marxists up for the NRA against their will. After all, they have been trying all year to give us national health care memberships against our will.

          “Women should have to pay less tuition since their education pays out less in the end.”

Actually, the statistic saying women earn only 77% of what a man makes is misleading – oops!, I mean, MS-leading. That pay differential is accounted for by women who choose to stay out of the workforce to have children. Your professor is not angry about persistent sex discrimination in the workplace. That would be the same as hating unicorns. The object of her hatred simply does not exist. She is angry at women who choose to stay at home and have children.

If anything, white, Christian conservatives should have to pay less in tuition when they take classes from angry sociologists. Based upon your experience, you deserve a full refund.

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