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Recently, I gave a speech at UCLA that was attended by about two dozen feminist students (and a lot more non-feminist students). The behavior of these feminists goes a long way towards explaining why few take modern (or postmodern) feminism seriously. And they provide strong confirmation of some of my recent assertions about feminist intolerance.


Shortly before I began my speech at UCLA, a couple of dozen university women entered the auditorium together. They sat together in silence during the first part of my speech. I told a few jokes and noticed that almost everyone was laughing – except, of course, for the women who came in together and sat together. Their inability to laugh clued me in to the fact that they were feminists. They already have seminars teaching feminists how to have orgasms. Maybe they should be replaced with seminars teaching them how to laugh.

Right after the UCLA feminists confirmed conclusion #4 of my new book (that most feminists do not have a sense of humor) they confirmed conclusion #7 (that feminists generally lack the courage to act as individuals). This occurred when all twenty-something of the twenty-somethings got up and left the room without saying a word.

Most people reading this column have stormed out of a room after hearing something they did not like. But most did so years before learning how to read – probably at the age of two or three. Unfortunately, feminists never learn that storming out of a room makes one look childish. It only lends credence to those critics who would assert that feminism is less of an ideology than a mental disorder.

The decision of the UCLA feminists to storm out of the room was not a direct confirmation of conclusion # 19 from my book (that feminists are the biggest censors on college campuses today). But it does show that their love for the First Amendment is lacking. And they certainly lacked the courage to stick around for the Q and A session. The black students always stick around to discuss race and the dialogue is always informed. The feminists, however, are just too emotionally distressed to stick around and talk it out (please refer back to conclusion #7).


Perhaps the most embarrassing thing (for feminists) about the UCLA feminists planned walkout was that it followed my discussion of stereotypes of women as emotionally inferior. I argued that it was dangerous to a) create university speech codes that ban “offensive” speech, b) exempt feminists from the codes, and c) enforce the codes only against men who offend feminists. Specifically, I argued that this exacerbates the following stereotype: Feminist women are emotionally inferior to men.

Just minutes after I finished giving a couple of examples, the feminists stood up and stormed out of the room. Maybe some stereotypes are pretty accurate. And maybe readers should refer to conclusion #16 in my book (that it doesn’t take much intellectual firepower to become a feminist).

Those who read only the first chapter of my book read of a silly feminist who tried to convince a secretary to bring charges against me for jokingly calling her an idiot (as we were both laughing at another joke the secretary made at my expense). This was just a few months after the university passed a new “hostile environment” sexual harassment policy.

It should go without saying that there was nothing sexual at all about what I said to the secretary. One could argue that this silly feminist’s ploy to create a personnel issue actually created a hostile environment for me. But instead of charging the feminist I poked fun of her in my new book. (She did not know I overheard her. Nor did she know that the secretary would rat her out for her childishness).


This feminist – who is over fifty years old – clearly owes me an apology for her unprofessional conduct. But, the other day when I passed her in the hall she returned my warm “hello” with a cold and silent stare. There’s really nothing like a dose of condemnation from a moral relativist.

It just goes to show that if you want to learn about feminism all you need to do is read my book. Or just spend some time around university feminists. They never grow up and they never stop confirming my well-reasoned assertions.

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