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When President Obama recently completed his “evolution” on homosexual marriage, he ambushed not only some of his friends, but the majority of Americans who still hold to the truth of heterosexual marriage.

For years, pundits have debated the “culture war.” The term war, however, implies that two equal sides are duking it out. But is that really true? How can the sides be equal when one side is simply trying to maintain territories of ancient and biblical truth—a truth that has served civilization for more than 6,000 years?

No, what is happening now—championed by no less a figure than the President of the United States—is an ambush.

The ambush, started by the sexual revolution in the sixties, has progressed faster than any other moral revolution in human history. Those old enough to be saved from the sixties remember the intensity of that ambush on truth, morality, and civilization. From that point on, the volume from the attack grew so loud that many people today have pierced eardrums and have turned a deaf ear to the cacophony.

Those that defend ancient biblical truth have tried to lovingly explain that God’s plan for humanity is the best plan. That God’s design for creation is the secret to blessing, joy, peace, and prosperity.

But others have responded to our truth-loving beliefs by further beating us down, muchlike a boxer who keeps pummeling his opponent after knocking him to the ground.

Unfortunately, the ambushers don’t know, nor do they understand, that our weapons of love and truth are undefeatable. Sure, our spiritual weapons are unseen, but they are mighty to save nonetheless.

We don’t resort to name-calling or insults like our opponents do. In fact, some truth-lovers say nothing and do nothing; they keep their mouths shut. But feeling beleaguered is not the answer.

To renounce the weapons of the ambushers does not mean we should be silent. Speaking the truth in love is far more powerful than either side realizes. If we believe God’s design for creation is the best for humanity, then we cannot sit quietly and secretly in this belief. Fumbling and flailing in our attempts to live in the truth notwithstanding,truth-lovers must be able to call a wrong a wrong.

We have weapons to fight off the ambush—weapons far more effective than anything the other side could ever dream of possessing.

First, we have God’s truth on our side. For more than 2,000 years, that has proved to be mightier than the sword.

Second, we have the knees of prayer that throughout history have defeated many fortified walls of lies.

Third, we have love, and the formula for speaking the truth in love. Through love, we can open our mouths in defense of biblical values and not become like the proverbial frog in the kettle.

Finally, above all, we are on the side of the Almighty, with whom no one can compare. Not even the President of the United States.

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