America to Eric Holder: What Took You so Long?

Posted: Sep 26, 2014 12:30 AM

Seriously, it took him far too long. After six years of neglected justice, activist ideology, and selective enforcement of laws, Eric Holder is throwing in the towel. Wall Street, IRS-targeted conservative groups, and gun owners, are breathing a sigh of relief… In fact, the only demographic that seems to be worried about the resignation of America’s Attorney General are those Mexican Drug Cartels who used him as an arms supplier. (I assume.)

And good riddance. Channeling his inner John Boehner, Holder gave a tearful farewell as he announced his intentions to take his Chicago radicalism elsewhere. The resignation came as a Federal Judge demanded more documents be released from the DOJ’s infamous “Fast and Furious” operation. The thought of Holder running from a partisan political investigation, however, isn’t necessarily credible on its face.

After all, we’re talking about a guy that openly sued banks in an effort to redistribute the cash back to partisan “progressive” organizations. Heck, he outright lied to Congress (in one extremely long-winded typo), and has repeatedly brushed off his responsibility to investigate any of the scandals that have plagued the Obama Administration.

After refusing to fully prosecute a group of Black Panthers (or as he refers to them: Those guys that helped me “occupy” a NROTC office with guns), the often divisive AG seemed to devolve early in his tenure into a Blagojevich style of Chicago politic. Say what you will about the political hack who pretended to implement Justice, but one thing is for certain: He was one heck of an extortionist. (I am convinced that Al Capone would be jealous.)

So while I feel a sense of exuberance at his departure from the post, I can’t help but feel a little trepidation at what is coming next. Holder is a man who has spent his tenure brushing off the legitimate attacks of critics without batting an eye… So why the sudden goodbye? Was there something coming down the pike that was bound to “stick” to the Teflon Obama administration official? Or is he just freeing himself up for a nomination to a Federal Court?

Ugh… Can you imagine a Justice Eric Holder? (Full body chills.) Remember, this is the guy that explained he was proud to take an activist (read: prejudice) view as Attorney General… This is a guy that felt it was okay to sue Ally bank for maybe engaging in lending practices that accidentally resulted in low numbers of loans to minorities. (Let me restate that: He sued Ally, because his view of “social justice” requires that banks get low income minority groups into massive debt. How compassionate, right?) This is the same guy that sued a police force for having the audacity to suggest women and men be treated the same on their entrance exam. (Separate but equal is apparently still the favored mantra of the Democrat Party.)

No. Eric Holder won’t be missed. But, to be honest, I am thankful… It’s about time he did something for the betterment of the nation; and I think his resignation will suffice.

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