One Person Attends Obamacare Event

Posted: Aug 05, 2013 12:04 AM

One. That’s how many people showed up for a pro-Obamacare event in Centerville, Virginia. And let’s face it: People didn’t miss the event because they were working. The ambivalence toward the implementation of Obamacare is evidenced throughout the nation, as the President’s left over campaigning apparatus – Organizing for Action – held a number of unattended Obamacare events this weekend. The event, reported by Politico, illustrated the growing displeasure with the President’s signature piece of legislation.

When Congress returns from its recess in early September, there is bound to be extensive efforts to defund, postpone, or repeal the President’s clumsy attempt at nationalized health care. Fearing a repeat of the Tea Party activity that gave Republicans the House in 2010, Democrats are scrambling to garner support for the legislation as some of the most sweeping initiatives are set to take place by 2014.

According to Politico, the event was one of thousands around the country to rally support for the government takeover of one-sixth of the US economy. Apparently a few liberally inclined community members showed up for the event, but left before things really kicked off. In the end, one volunteer and the event organizer, were left manning phones. . . An activity that proved sooooooo exiting, even the event organizer left after twenty short minutes.

Twenty-three year old Toora Arsala, a student at Northern Virginia Community College, organized the event. He explained that the law was of great importance to him, because he has “a variety of ailments” and has currently relied on Medicaid for coverage. It’s nice to know that he’s willing to put millions of full time workers onto part time schedules, and increase individual premiums by as much as 140% so he can have the government run another program to take care of him in the same way it is already doing.

The one volunteer said she was passionate about the implementation of Obamacare, because she was forced to take a part time job in order to care for her aging mother, and ill son. Lucky for her, Obamacare has created a wealth of part time jobs.

The event, which seems to have illustrated the public’s ambivalence toward Obama’s legacy-inspiring piece of legislation, was – well, it was a failure. Of course this should be nothing new for Democrats. Most of us dislike the Post office, the Social Security office, the Department of Motor Vehicles, and the Internal Revenue Service. Why would an event dedicated to celebrating government involvement in healthcare rally any more support than any other bureaucratically weighted agency?

Coincidently, the event flopped on the same day that our Campaigner in Chief was celebrating his birthday. Happy Birthday Mr. President. Your healthcare reform is still a failure.